Rainy Day

Rainy Day

I love rainy days. I love the pitter-patter of raindrops on my skylight, like tiny feet of a bird, as the drops of rain strike the glass above me. During a generous rain, which doesn’t come often enough in Cuernavaca, it is also the perfect time to curl up in a comfy chair by the window and a softly lit lamp with a good book. I can read anywhere, books allow that, but there’s nothing like allowing a book to sweep you away on a rainy day. I also enjoy…

Walking in the rain and observing how the lights of the streetlamps, cars headlamps, strike the wet pavement in abstract patterns. I especially like how the reflections of neon lamps are doubled with their reflections on the wet streets turning the evening into a baholiday at anytime of the year.

The rain brings out the intensity of nature’s colors in all their vibrant colors of chromium oxide green, golden ochre, Cadmium Lemon and burnt umber – each touch with a brush stroke of gel medium and built up into the most wondrous glazes.

I love the smell of wet stone, the earthy smells of earth and plants that rise up to allow me to experience them, as they are restored to life, like nature washing the stale dust of lost opportunities away and giving promise to better times.

Yes, I like rainy days.

Rainy Day
Acrylic on Quality Museum Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Measuring 120 cm high x 100 cm wide (47.25 in high x 39.37 in wide)

$3,725 USD (Sold)