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Finding balance in relationships is always a work in progress. An old adage is that opposites attract, but my experience in relationships has been quite opposite. While I seldom pay attention to horoscopes, I find that as a Libra I am most attracted to other Libras, whose sign is the balancing scale. I find that two Libras make a social, fun-loving pairing. We share a love of beauty and connectivity. Libras are usually charming and partnership-oriented. Loving another Libra is like finding balance and beauty in the differences and similarities, enjoying peace, tranquility and serenity, which is the key to a blissful life.

The balanced rocks in this painting symbolize the relationship that I seek. The smooth edges against a rough background, coupled with the differences in shape, size and color farther the concept of the happiness of a beautiful pairing against the odds.

Acrylic on Quality Museum Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Measuring 100 cm high x 120 cm wide (39.37 in high x 47.25 in wide)

$3,725 USD (Sold)