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Balanced Love

Love is complicated and difficult to balance for most. Our lovers are our best friends and we are in love with our friends. Friendships often comes first and a form of love flourishes between two best friends. Friendship exists when there is unconditional love for one another. If there is enough mutual attraction it is possible that friendships turn into a love so deep that the two best friends decide to become lovers.

However striking a healthy balance is difficult, as friendships and lovers are two explicitly different things. Love is important to have in one’s life. However, finding love, real true, meaningful love with value escapes most of us. We find that perfect person and become friends. He or she is perfect in every way. If each holds enough positive traits – attraction is inevitable, but attraction alone does not drive the heart. The mind comes into play and things become unbalanced and the mind working independently from the heart and vice versus cause confusion.

For me, balance is the will of equilibrium. An equilibration of the perceptions of the mind, a balance of emotions of the heart, and ultimately finding liberation. Being able to find opportunity in challenge. Embracing a point of inner balance that is beyond emotional extremes. Loving unconditionally and without need for reciprocity.

Change is so important to finding a proper balance and yet so few are capable of change, as it is the most difficult challenge that they incur. We can make friends almost instantly, we can fall in love in a heartbeat, but changing our thoughts can take a lifetime. Our heart tells us one thing and the mind another. If we fail to find balance and adapt quickly enough, life advances and our mind tells us that we have to do something to act on our impulses. We make impetuous decisions, often for the wrong reasons.

As a result, we overlook all the red flags and run head long into what our heart feels, even though our mind is telling us that it is wrong. Balance is understanding the difference between what we feel in our heart and what the inner voice of our mind is telling us and then making the right choice to bring about an enduring happiness. My wish for all is that they always find happiness in love.

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Balanced Love

Balanced Love

Acrylic on Quality Museum Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Measuring 120 cm high x 100 cm wide (47.25-in high x 39.37-in wide)

$3,725 USD – SOLD to the collection of Ms. Patricia Inestrillas