Temprano en el Día Print




The title of this painting, for those who do not speak Spanish, is Early in the Day and is a reference to that time of morning when we each something to look forward to. Some do not take full advantage of the day that they are given.

Each morning as I arise, I am grateful for the life that I was born into. While there have been times that I have not made the best of my life, it was my own failure. I am grateful for my parents who instilled values that I am still working hard to uphold, the aunt that was my greatest inspiration, the loved ones that have found their way into my days and the many others who have inspired me.

Looking back I know I didn’t take advantage of a lot of the opportunities. I cannot change that and have no regrets. It is in the past. I took many opportunities for granted more often than I took advantage.

This painting is meant to inspire hope for the opportunities that the day brings, leading a life that allows for all to improve their own and the lives of those around them – no matter what the circumstances. In the end, the day is what we make of it.

What will you do with your day?

The file is in .png format at 300ppi and can be printed to any printer at the size given below or smaller. The print will fit into a standard 16-inch x 20-inch frame with a suggested mat.

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Size: 12-inch x 9-inches

Frame not included