Un Comienzo Oscuro a un Día Brillante

Un Comienzo Oscuro a un Día Brillante

One morning I arose at 4:30 a.m., my usual awakening time. I made my way to the coffee pot, and warmed up a cup of coffee in the microwave, before heading up to the rooftop terrace to sit and think as I awaited the dawning of the day. It was still dark in Cuernavaca and most of the city lights were off. It was winter time and the early morning sky was barren of clouds.

I find this time of day extremely calming. There are no city noises this time of the morning even though I live quite close to the city center. The roosters that some neighbors keep had not yet awoke to great the day and I was seemingly alone with this massive dark blue field filling the sky. I suppose another would have felt lonely and even depressed, but as I drink my coffee and smoked a Delicados, I felt nothing but anxiousness as I awaited the dawning of a new day.

Every day starts out just like this, I thought, barren but full of promise and I began to make plans on how I would fill my day – writing, sending emails to friends scattered the world over, drinking cup after cup of coffee and painting. However, being an impetuous type, I decided that I would paint the first sky of the morning and I headed back downstairs to my second floor studio, grabbed a blank canvas and begin painting. At first it was just a large dark blue painting, but at the last minute, as the sun was beginning to rise, I added the earth below and the first glimpse of the day just above.

As I awaited the drying of the paint to sign the piece, I logged into my email account to check the first emails of the day and a past client had written to ask if I had any thing new in the works. I stepped back into the studio, photographed the piece and sent it to him along with my description of the piece. An hour later, I received an email back with just one word – SOLD. Ah, if life were always so simple.

Un Día Oscuro
Acrylic on Quality Museum Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Measuring 100 cm high x 120 cm wide (39.37 in high x 47.25 in wide)

$3,725 USD (Sold)