What I do…

My artistic inspiration came from spending time as a youth, laying in the fields of North Texas during summer days and being amazed at the clouds drifting by overhead, constantly changing and becoming more intriguing with each gust of wind. For many years, I painted only skyscapes, devoid of land. While I still paint mostly sky, I have become intrigued by how the land helps to balance and give an illusion of size to the sky. I enjoy painting in layers, starting with heavy solid blocks of color and than adding thinner layers and glazes for transparency letting the textures and color build. I strive for depth and under-glowing effects to evoke richness.

I do not attempt to re-create an exact replica of what I have seen on canvas, but rather to capture the essence of a moment in time. I work in the studio from the thousands of photographs that I have taken in my travels around the world. The paintings seldom are painted from one reference. I may view a dozen photographs taken thousands of miles apart yet of the same sky to find elements that fit together in context to make the statement that I find compelling. The end product is a piece, which expresses that moments essence in a deeper, personal manner.

Thank you for allowing me to share my world with you.


Gallery Representation

For galleries interested in representing my work, please contact me through the Contact Link on this website.

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