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Winter Sky

Winter in Cuernavaca is unlike winter for most. It may get cool, but never what others would consider cold. The weather is what we consider a warm temperate climate with dry winters and hot summers. Over the course of a year, the temperature typically varies from 12°C (53˚F) to 34°C (93˚F) and is rarely below 10°C (50˚F) or above 37°C (98˚F). However, the sky changes during the winter months. Especially early in the morning and late afternoon. This painting depicts a winter sky just as the sun has set behind the mountains, but nightfall is not quite there.

It is not my favorite time of the year, however there are some advantages – mainly no mosquitos! In fact, once acclimated to the weather here, 65˚F can seem very cool and most people can be seen wearing jackets, scarves and headgear as they move about town. But I do like the change of colors. I get to break out the manganese blue, red oxides and burnt sienna, which are not in my summer palette. The sky is muted and often the clouds are much softer.

I am glad that the winter is short here in the mountains since I like more bright colors and contrast in the sky.

Winter Sky
Acrylic on Quality Museum Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Measuring 120 cm high x 100 cm wide (47.25 in high x 39.37 in wide)

$3,725 USD (Sold)