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The Perfect White Ink: Increasing Margins by Reducing Waste

Screenprinters are earnestly pursuing the perfect white ink and end up with dozens of unused gallons of ink on their shelves in the search. The truth of the matter is that the problem is not the ink, but rather the way in which it is being used.

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Understanding Ink Cost and Yield

Are you weighing your ink as it arrives at your shop? If not, you should be. The cost of ink, second only to labor cost, is an expendable that must be accounted for and should be done on a job-by-job basis.

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Achieving Square Mesh Openings

If you want to increase the quality of your halftone or four-color process printing the information in this episode will provide some of the knowledge you need to begin.

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Increasing Net Revenue for Manual Shops

How you can put another $28,000 or more in the bank each month.

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A Light Integrator Does Not Provide Consistent Stencil Exposure

The light integrator only measures the amount of UV energy emitted by the lamp, and it cannot provide proper exposures.

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50 Thinking Points

A discussion of the problems that people face every day because they didn’t apply thought to what they were doing.

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Reducing Exposure Time and Increasing Resolution

You may be inadvertently causing problems with exposure and resolution. Let’s talk about it!

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Stabilizing Polyester Mesh

Using the proper steps to eliminate tension loss that occurs on all polyester mesh.

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Your Success Depends on Being the Best

It’s about initiating – continually creating situations that force you to become better than you currently are — purging yourself of all your imperfections.

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Best Practices for Reducing Spoilage Cost

Learn how to find your normal and abnormal spoilage rates, and how to reduce your spoilage to increase your profit margin.

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Achieving the Correct Exposure Time

Become a fly on the wall as we walk a printer through the correct exposure time before making the exposure, each and every time, without fail.

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Understanding The Squeegee

Learn how to properly choose and use the squeegee in this episode.

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Understanding Mesh Tension

A discussion on what you need to know about mesh tension.

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The Importance of EOMR

A discussion about the relationship between the percentage of a stencil’s EOMR and the quality of the printed image.

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The Multipurpose Tool You Need in Your Shop

There are many tools available to screenprinters, and they are all great at what they do. But there is one that is a multipurpose tool that everyone needs and few are using.

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Resolving Registration Problems

Registration can be one of the most nerve-wracking tasks in the screenprinting technologies for anyone who has to print multiple colors or produce a print that must register on the substrate perfectly with each print.

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Avoiding Rough Ink on Textile Products

We talk about eleven reasons why you may be creating a rough ink problem.

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Reducing the Cost of Plastisol Ink

The majority of textile printers do not realize that they are paying more than needed for Plastisol ink and using more than necessary.

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Understanding Off-Contact

How it affects the printing process.

Effective Moisture Removal from Emulsion

This essential task of moisture removal should be one of the most straightforward tasks in the screenprinting process.

How to Succeed in Business by Building a Business That Cannot Fail

There are many reasons why businesses don’t make it, but undoubtedly, the primary culprit is a lack of profitable clients.

How to Deal with Customers Who Say Your Price is Too High

Every business person in the world, both in the screenprinting technologies or another trade is faced with this same problem.

Avoiding Potential Lawsuits

There are many reasons why screenprinting shops become embroiled in lawsuits, but there is one that can be completely eliminated immediately without cost.

Preparation of Mesh to Accept Emulsion

Mesh preparation is the process of cleaning and treating the screen to improve stencil adhesion and superior stencil coating, and to improve stencil durability and performance.

How Small Changes Can Make a Huge Difference

Learn how one printer put an extra $300,000.00 each year in his bank when we made some small changes to his operation.

Getting Printed in Mexico

If you have been thinking about getting those large orders printed in Mexico and saving production costs, here is what you need to know.

The Expert Opinion

If you have been thinking about getting those large orders printed in Mexico and saving production costs, here is what you need to know.

Slime and How to Avoid It

Do you sometimes get slime on the squeegee side of your stencil? Here is how you can avoid it in the future.

Your Success in Screenprinting

Your success in the screenprinting technologies hinges on one important factor – meeting or exceeding the expectations of your client. Fail to accomplish that and nothing else you do will keep you in business for long.

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Reducing Labor Costs

How to reduce labor costs, which are among the highest values to screenprinters. A better way of improving your margins.

Why Plastisol Ink Fails in the Laundry

Every textile screenprinter is faced with the rejection of a job from time to time when the print washes out in the laundry. Learn how to prevent this problem in today’s podcast.

The King of Ink Transfer

Do you know what the real ink transfer tool is in screenprinting? You may be surprised to learn that it is not the squeegee.

Goal Bricks

Setting your goals and achieving greater success in your screenprinting operation.

The True Cost to Library Screens

A frank discussion of the real cost of creating a library of your screens to wait for the job to be printed at a later date.

The Importance of Little Things

How little things can make a big difference in your screenprinting process. Consider just two; the tension of the mesh, and the fill blade.

Increasing Sales Through Branding

How to increase your sales by branding your company and attracting the right clients quickly and easily.

Why You Cannot Depend on the Step Test

The step test does not work as you think it should. Why you never want to use the step test in an attempt to find the correct exposure necessary to fully cross-hardening the emulsion and achieve the ideal stencil resolution.