About Solutions Journal

Founded in 1983, Solutions Journal is a leading independent, academic and professional publisher of innovative, high-quality content for the screenprinting technologies.

Known for our commitment to quality and innovation, Solutions Journal has helped inform and educate a global community of scholars, practitioners, researchers, and students across a broad range of subject areas.

We have published more than 2,000 articles and over 50 books, reference works and databases on business, marketing, sales, design, screenmaking, ink and coatings, production and curing of inks and coatings for those within the screenprinting technologies.

Believing passionately that engaged education lies at the heart of any healthy society and that education is intrinsically valuable, Solutions Journal aims to be the world’s leading independent academic and professional publisher. This means playing a creative role in society by disseminating teaching and research on a global scale, the cornerstones of which are good, long-term relationships, a focus on our markets, and an ability to combine quality and innovation.

Leading authors should feel that Solutions Journal is their natural home: we believe in meeting the range of their needs, and in publishing the best of their work. We are a growing concern, and our success comes from thinking creatively about our markets and actively responding to the needs of those within the screenprinting technologies.

We do not accept advertising on Solutions Journal. We are fully funded by our members and through contributions for specific content.

Our highest priority is to make any contact you have with Solutions Journal—whether as an author, a practitioner, editor, a contributor, a customer, or a reader—a pleasant and rewarding experience.

Solutions Journal’s publishing philosophy is based on three principles:

Relationships — We depend upon the experience and expertise of the authors, editors, learned societies, colleagues, and vendors with whom we work.

Vision — We focus on anticipating and delivering what our customers want.

Excellence — We are committed to quality in all that we publish and in all that we do.

Innovative ideas and approaches consistently distinguish Solutions Journal publishing, across all of our programs. Our products include:

  • Journals at the forefront of knowledge, contributing to the disciplines of the future, and delivered in varied electronic and print formats
  • Academic and reference material with breadth of vision and valued content
  • Professional work reflecting practical approaches to new perspectives and challenges

What sets us apart from our competitors?

  • We are owned and managed by publishers, not financial investors or advertisers. We take the long-term view rather than being influenced by short-term financial results or goals.
  • We offer global publishing on a human scale—large enough to have the capabilities of a multinational company, but small enough for individual authors, editors, societies, and colleagues to influence our direction.
  • We possess an unmatched core competence in global marketing.

We welcome you to Solutions Journal and invite you to explore our web site for more information about our products and services. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us by by email through our contact page at the top of this page.