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In 1983, realizing that there was a bias of information being published by the mainstream media, G. William Hood, Founder of Solutions Journal, created the magazine to fill the void with non-biased expert knowledge. Times changed, the print media began disappearing with the advent of the Internet and Hood embraced the new technology and Solutions Journal became the first online magazine for the screenprinting technologies. As the article length was not restricted by advertising dollars, he found he could provide more in depth information.

Today, the number of pages in trade magazines has been drastically reduced as advertising dollars fell with the economy. The number of articles were reduced and expert written articles were handed over to sales representatives and interns who wrote articles to promote their products and education. Hood persevered over the years, and it paid off. Other magazines have shut down, and those that few that continue have jumped on the digital imaging advertising dollars and all but ceased to publish articles dedicated to screenprinting.

Over the decades Solutions Journal has continued to be the authority on information for the screenprinting technologies.

We constantly strive to provide honest and trustworthy information to our readers.

We publish independent technical articles of interest to those within the myriad segments of the screenprinting technologies. The articles are written in such a manner as to be of interest to novices, intermediaries, and experts who wish to increase their knowledge of the field. We also publish a yearly compendium of the articles.

Who owns Solutions Journal?

Solutions Journal is owned and published by Solution Publishers, which is owned G. William (Bill) Hood, a veteran of over 70 years in the screenprinting technologies, and as the owner of screenprinting shops and other entrepreneurial endeavors within the industry.

Where are you located?

We are headquartered in Austin, Texas and Cuernavaca, Mexico.

How are you funded?

The majority of our funding is from our readers. As a reader-supported magazine, we don’t answer to our advertisers, stockholders, a corporate parent company, manufacturers, distributors or a deep-pocketed donor. Instead, we’re accountable to — and funded by — you, our reader. When a company does invest in advertising with us, they know upfront that we will not show a bias to their products.

Who writes for you?

Our articles are written by Bill Hood and guest authors who are experts in their segments of the screenprinting technologies. To keep our expenses and the cost of subscriptions to a minimum we do not have a staff of writers, and we never use interns.

Do you accept submissions?

We do accept submissions from established technical writers for the screenprinting technologies. To submit your articles or columns for publication on this site, please contact by clicking here.

Where can I find you?

You can find us online at solutionsjournal.com, and when you subscribe to Solutions Journal you’ll gain access to our award-winning articles delivered to your inbox as they are published.

Why should I subscribe to Solutions Journal?

Besides gaining access to our article archives, we also produce Podcasts, Webinars, Tips and Tricks, and a Question and Answer feature.  When you sign up for our Newsletter, you will receive the information you won’t find anywhere else about the screenprinting technologies. And of course, you can follow us on Facebook.

How can I assure that the articles are unbiased?

Our only bias is for accuracy and the truth. We also have one of the most rigorous fact-checking and verification protocols in the screenprinting technologies. We make every attempt at researching every statement made in our articles. We do not recommend any product that we have not personally tested and assured that it meets the exacting protocols of our readers.

Why should I subscribe when I can read other magazines for free?

We believe that the truth is a key part of a vibrant democracy. It’s the one thing that can call the powerful to account, especially in a system where advertising revenue increasingly dominates the publishing process. But the truth can’t rely on deep-pocketed special interests and advertising revenue to pay the bills. It only happens because readers like you step up. For over three decades, our readers have done that—and in the process, they have built the only reader-supported magazine in the screenprinting technologies. Thank you!

If you need or want articles that are written by experts and give you the truth, without question, you should subscribe today. It’s the easiest way to support Solutions Journal, and you’ll get to read the articles in their most beautiful format.

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