Graphic Design

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Halftones without a RIP

For years we have used Photoshop to create color separations without the use of a RIP. While, it was a closely held secret by those who developed and sold RIP software, savvy screenprinters learned how to make it work and work well. However, with the recent upgrade to CS5, you may have been amazed that the feature has disappeared. If you have upgraded to CS5, don't fret, there is a workaround.
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Quelling Copyright Rumors

I am often asked the same question over and over, “I have been told that I can change a design 15-percent and effectively get a new copyright. This seems to too good to be true and you know what they say about that. What’s up? Is there a rule of thumb?”
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Pen and Ink from Photoshop

have had so many people asking for faux pen and ink drawings of photographs that I felt this article would help. While these tips will work on some photographs to produce an image that appears very much like a stipple like drawing it is not meant to take away from having a professional artist commissioned for those times that the budget will allow.