Controlling the Process

Unless you work on gaining control over that which you have no control at the moment, become more efficient, more productive, increase your quality and learn how to be effective, where are you going? After I made the above statement recently, one screenprinter wrote back to ask, “How do you gain control over something you have no control over? By definition if you are gaining control, then you have some level of control.” This article discusses how to think creatively about the screenprinting process.

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Bill Hood is an International Consultant in the Screenprinting Technologies, focusing on consistency, predictable outcomes and reproducible results. He is the author of over 50 books on the screenprinting technologies as well as thousands of technical articles, many of which are available at online. He writes for Solutions Journal Magazine and other trade publications, is a speaker at various events and has judged international screenprinting competitions. He can be contacted through his website at online.