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While other publications have moved to focus on other areas, such as digital printing, pad printing, and even embroidery, we are totally devoted to the screenprinting technologies. Of course, you want to advance your knowledge about screenprinting – then this is the place.

Are you involved in the screenprinting technologies and have a desire to learn more about the process? Are you the owner or manager intent on growing your business? Solutions Journal offers a great many benefits awaiting you.

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Let’s face it, everyone wants something for nothing. However, few things are free. You wouldn’t expect to get free food from a restaurant, so why expect that information that you need to improve your skill sets, run your business or be a better screen printer would be free.

Yes, the Internet can be a wonderful tool in so many ways. Except when you need knowledgeable, correct and precise information. Sure, you can find information, but is it the Best Practice solution that will allow you to quickly become efficient and effective? It is like searching for the proverbial golden needle in a haystack. What you really want is the “right” information, so that you can get back to solving the problem you have encountered.

So, what is the Best Practice solution worth to you? Well, if you are like most in the screen printing industry, you have a shop rate that allows you to meet your break-even point AND realize a return on your investment that allows you to stay in business. For even a small shop, this can reach $65 an hour, meaning that you have to earn $1.08 per minute for your time.

What if you were to receive just one bit of advice that would allow you to shave 1 minute from your day? Within a year of 260 work days that one bit of advice is worth $280.08. That advice is not hidden in a single article, webinar, video, podcast, or in our Private Member Network on this site, but is available many times over to our members in each of these features.

Our policy is, and always has been, to exceed the expectations of our members. To date, we have never had an unhappy member, and we plan to keep it that way by giving many times more than we receive. It is not just our policy, but the right thing to do!

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Access our Q&A feature, where you can ask questions and receive the Best Practice answer. There is no guessing and you can be sure that the information came from an expert on the subject. This is our most popular feature.

Tips and Tricks
A compendium of tips and tricks on every area of the screen printing technologies. Any one of the entries is well worth the price of your subscription. Check it out!

Unbiased, authoritative education discussing the screen printing technologies. Your subscription also includes access to the Webinar Archives.

We send a monthly update of new articles and features available to members. We understand how easy it is to forget to visit the site and take advantage of the opportunities offered. Don’t worry, we will keep in touch with you with a reminder to ensure you get value from your subscription.

Discounted Rates
3-Year and No Expiration Subscriptions offer a substantially discounted rate and without the hassle of yearly renewal.

No Bias
When you subscribe to a free magazine, you must surely realize that the magazine would not be able to continue to give the magazine away for free, without advertising revenue. And for them, the advertisers expect loyalty in return for those dollars. Thus, you only read one side of a discussion – what the advertisers want you to read, and thus all articles are written with a bias. In fact, most of the articles are written by advertisers representative to promote and get you to buy their product.

There is no bias on this site and there never will be. Other magazines base their articles on whether the articles will reduce their advertising dollars and thus articles are normally written to promote the products sold within their pages. Most of their articles are written by representatives of the various advertisers and are little more than a sales page. Our articles and other information are written without any bias. You will always find the truth to be more beneficial.

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