• Glitter-Effect

    How To: Glitter

    Often a client will want a special effect that is not within their budget. Glitter is one of those effects. This tutorial covers how to produce a faux glitter effect that can be separated as an index separation, four-color process, or simulated process.

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  • Get In Control

    Controlling the Process

    Unless you work on gaining control over that which you have no control at the moment, become more efficient, more productive, increase your quality and learn how to be effective,

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  • Diamante-Print

    Diamonds and Gold

    This simple to do design is both elegant and detailed. It would work very well in high-density and foil, with perhaps dabs of clear gel over each of the diamonds.

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  • Scale

    What are you really paying?

    Have you ever purchased a product that stated on the label: 1 U.S. Gallon, but when opened it wasn’t quite full? Sure you have – it happens all the time.

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  • Business

    Growing Your Business Faster

    Everyone wants to grow their business, bring in more clients to keep the presses running and then use the margins to buy more presses. Right? I’d like to offer you

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  • SGIA 2014

    SGIA 2014 Update

    The 2014 Specialty Graphics and Imaging Association (SGIA) trade show held in Las Vegas pulled in an amazing number of attendees this year. A purported 25,500 people – 8,500 people

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  • Assembly-Line

    Exploring the Assembly Line

    Editorial: The young girl, surrounded by others, works in the assembly-style manufacturing process, produces screenprinting on the Nike project in the small cramped room. They are producing screenprints of Nike

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  • Innovation

    Improving through Innovation

    We can often gain knowledge about how to improve our own life, both personal and business, through innovation from the most unlikely sources. This is one of those moments. Yes,

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  • Strike-with-Consistency

    Consistency: The Most Important Factor

    One of the most exciting milestones of a screenprint organization is positive growth. When it happens, we are often faced with a series of questions; “Was it seasonal?”, “Was it

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  • competition-analysis

    Analyze the Competition

    Those who are truly World Class Organizations realize that they must know their competitors well. This article will help you know who your competitors are and what they are offering.

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