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Within the members-only area, you’ll find comprehensive solutions for bringing control to the screenprinting process with in-depth information, including hands on reviews of screenprinting techniques and equipment, advice and opinions from highly successful screenprinters, ideas and suggestions on improving your own business, tutorials, and much more – all for, and from, the view point of the independent screenprinter.

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Hard Hitting Articles

You will not find self-serving articles written by manufacturers in a sly attempt to sell you on buying a particular product. The articles on Solutions Journal are written by screenprinters with decades of practical hands-on screenprinting knowledge. Unlike other magazines, we do not allow the articles to be written by self-serving salespeople for the manufacturers and distributors, that are aimed at convincing you to purchase their products and services. Our articles are carefully researched in the field before they are presented to our readers.

Sharing the Knowledge

One of the themes of this journal is the importance of recognizing that no one can live a fulfilled life, or even survive for that matter, without the help of others. And just as our thoughts have been shaped by those whom we have met along the way, we are asking that the readers of this journal share their own advice, assistance, and criticism to promote this work.

This journal is about screenprinting. However, it does have a tremendous amount of information about all segments of the screenprint technologies. You will find information about T-shirts, screenprinting (or screen printing depending on whether you are printing screens or printing with a screen!), screenmaking, training schools, technical articles, industry trade shows, books to help you learn about everything from textile and garment printing to marketing and selling your products, There are lists of classes, individuals who do consulting, a help desk to assist in your success, and lots of business tips and tricks for screenprinters covering everything from estimating software to proper exposure of your screens. It you are a screenprinter you will find a tremendous amount of resources here.


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