Spin Radio

Spin Radio

We have been at the forefront of the screenprinting industry for many years and were the first to accomplish many things that today are commonplace.

In 1983, we made history when we became the first computer Bulletin Board System to broadcast audio information to a specific industry - screenprinting - using pre-recorded information in what was a precursor to Internet Radio.

In 1984, with the advent of the Macintosh Computer System, we installed our Bulletin Board System on the Mac and became the first to run a BBS on a Macintosh computer.

When the Internet came along years later, we were the first to have an Internet Radio Station where we played pre-recorded information, and we did a live broadcast on a weekly basis.

We continue to produce audio and video for our listeners at Spin Radio here on Solutions Journal Magazine. The following files are archived so that you can log in at any time and listen to the shows. No special software should needed as the files will play in almost any browser available today. Be sure to turn down your speakers and then adjust them up as needed to hear the audio. Thanks for listening and we hope you enjoy the shows.

10 Steps to Boost Your Business Performance

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Ten easy steps to take today to get your business on the right track. Watch this presentation to learn how those most successful entrepreneurs get up to speed quick. Just as your car runs more smoothly and requires less energy to go faster and farther when the wheels are in perfect alignment, your company performs better when your strategy is balanced.

Creating a Better Underbase

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Are you tired of trying to print standard thin plastisol inks on dark shirts with a solid white underbase, only to see the top colors wash away in the laundry or have the thick, heavy-hand print crack after only one wash? Sure you are! This video will show you a quick and easy way to create a better underbase. Enjoy!

Myths and Realities

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As an educator, I have spent much of my life debunking urban legends, myths and mistruths. Believe me, I take no joy in having to do this. I would much rather that individuals were able to “learn how to do it right” before they spend their hard earned dollars on information that simply doesn’t work.

Years ago, I received the following email from a screenprinter, who “wanted to learn how to do it right!” I want to share it and my reply, which were published in my book, Solutions For Screenprinters in 2007, as part of a compilation of questions most asked and the solutions for them.

Increasing Sales

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Let's face it - we all want to increase sales. From time to time, we have to replace those clients that we lose through attrition or perhaps we just want to replace a client that doesn't appreciate our quality, delivery or price with a client that will. And, yes, we all want clients that we like, right? Everyone wants to be do business with people that they like. Listen to this edition of Spin Radio to learn how you can get the very best clients that really want to do business with the very best - you!

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