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Motivating Employees


Employee motivation is obviously a critical issue for organizations of any size. The financial benefits have been proven by researchers and for anyone who’s ever worked in an organization where employees are motivated and engaged, the day-to-day difference in employee performance and the overall atmosphere is clear. Motivating employees makes a difference. But what works to motivate employees? Are there

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Delegation Done Right


When you assign work to a staff member, you probably know that it’s important to be clear about what the desired outcome of the work is. But there are other details that are important to convey as well, in order to ensure that you’re fully communicating your expectations, such as any constraints on the project, helpful resources, and how high

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The Dragon is Slayed

Many of the world’s businesses that took their manufacturing to China are now reconsidering their move as rising costs and labor unrest besets the country and the luster fades as reality sets in. The lure of cheap labor that many all too quickly jumped on, without regard for other factors, is beginning to seep in. This comes as Obama begins

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