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Improving through Innovation


We can often gain knowledge about how to improve our own life, both personal and business, through innovation from the most unlikely sources. This is one of those moments. Yes, the video below is about mouthwash, Listerine in particular, but there is a message within the video that every business person and indeed every individual needs to hear and think

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Building a Solid Foundation


While this article is written for those just starting up a business, it is a good read for those who have been in business for a while and may find themselves running into problems with cash flow, financing, marketing, employee management, and other business operations. The first few years in business are critical. You need to balance many competing priorities,

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Delegation Done Right


When you assign work to a staff member, you probably know that it’s important to be clear about what the desired outcome of the work is. But there are other details that are important to convey as well, in order to ensure that you’re fully communicating your expectations, such as any constraints on the project, helpful resources, and how high

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The Dragon is Slayed

Many of the world’s businesses that took their manufacturing to China are now reconsidering their move as rising costs and labor unrest besets the country and the luster fades as reality sets in. The lure of cheap labor that many all too quickly jumped on, without regard for other factors, is beginning to seep in. This comes as Obama begins

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Power from Warmth

While this seemingly simply idea for a thermoelectric flashlight may not sound interesting to screenprinters, read on and be enlightened (yes, pun intended!). Ann Makosinski was just another teenager with another science project when she joined her local science fair in Victoria, Canada, last year. Her invention, a flashlight that is powered solely from hand heat, took second place at

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Credit Terms?

I get asked about credit terms almost monthly. Many of my consulting clients in filling out their pre-consulting questionnaire will fill in the blank that asks, “What percentage of your sales are from extending credit terms?” will answer with a very high number. No wonder they are asking me to come in and help them as they are in a

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