Changes at LinkedIn


LinkedIn is the world’s largest business-oriented social networking service online with 364 million acquired (through buyouts of 15 other online sites) members. Launched in 2003, the site is used mainly for professional networking in more than 200 countries and territories. With the slogan, “Relationships Matter” the site stumbled into a niche market and today had a revenue of $2.21 billion

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Shirt-like garment delivers life-saving shocks

John-Hopkins Shirt

Hopkins students design life-saving shocks infused shirt Johns Hopkins biomedical engineering students have designed a lightweight, easy-to-conceal shirt-like garment to deliver life-saving shocks to patients experiencing serious heart problems. The students say their design improves upon a wearable defibrillator system that is already in use. Their design changes, the students say, should help persuade patients at risk for sudden cardiac

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Screen Printing Partnership to Benefit Homeless Veterans


BRENTWOOD, Tenn., Aug. 19, 2015 /Solutions Journal/ — Image Connection, LLC has announced a partnership for screen printing services with the Building Lives Foundation which serves homeless Veterans. Under this agreement, Building Lives will provide contract screen printing services to Image Connection, who is already in the business of providing screenprinted and decorated apparel to businesses, schools and organizations. This new

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M&R Companies Growing


Thirty years ago, a group of engineers left the company they were working for and started what was to become the M&R Companies. They began by outsourcing all of their manufacturing and had only three employees who would perform maintenance and repairs on the companies line of printing equipment. A year into the new business and they brought the manufacturing

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Serigraph Offers Free Medical Tourism


For decades, USA residents have been traveling outside of the borders to seek medical and cosmetic treatment that is unaffordable in the USA. Mexico is ranked as one of the largest medical tourism destinations for USA residents. Mexico offers outstanding medical treatment at hospitals that rival what is found in the USA, in terms of service and cost. Hundreds of

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Art Rules

During the 1960s, a woman named Corita Kent transformed a tiny art department in a Hollywood Catholic school into a global center for design and printmaking. She was buddies with Buckminister Fuller and counted IBM as a client. Oh yeah, and she was a nun! Corita Kent (November 20, 1918 – September 18, 1986), aka Sister Mary Corita Kent –

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