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How Not to Make a Sale

By Bill Hood • April 4, 2014

This is one example of how a screenprinter got caught up in promising more than he could or would deliver. Beginning around 1998, Brett …

Analyze the Competition

By Bill Hood • January 30, 2014

Those who are truly World Class Organizations realize that they must know their competitors well. This article will help you know who your competitors …

Succeeding in Business

By Bill Hood • December 28, 2013

While there are lots of important rules in succeeding in business, like in all things, there must be one rule that is important than …

Pre-Sales Engineering

By Bill Hood • October 1, 2013

When dealing with a larger client with very specific needs you will often find yourself in situations that take far more of your time …

Being Honest with Clients

By Bill Hood • September 13, 2013

Managing your client relationships should be a big part of your organizational goals. The work involves building repertoire and trust with the clients so …

Investing In Your Business for Success

By Bill Hood • May 11, 2013

When I was a young man, my late father, who was a screenprinter as I am today, gave me some advice;
You will succeed at …

Successful Selling

By Bill Hood • February 16, 2013

This article addresses the one thing that you need to know about selling that will turn your ho-hum selling efforts into real success. You …

Attracting Clients Based on Value – Not Price

By Bill Hood • September 30, 2012

The problem with casting a wide net and attempting to attract anyone that sort of needs what you do is that sometimes it works.
{+}Look …