Here you will find previously published articles from the era of the Austin Sun, as well as unpublished articles of interest. It is our hope that others will contribute. Should you have articles from the era, your remembrances of that period, or a current article of interest, please forward them to for publication here. All material on this website is copyrighted by the individual credited and cannot be reprinted without the individual’s written permission.

Old Austin

Old Austin

Texas Country music video remembering Old Austin, Texas 1965-1995. Remembrances from the good old days in Austin, Texas including Night Hawk steaks, the Chief Drive-in, Aqua Fest, Butter Krust Bakery, Cactus Pryor, Scarbroughs and more. Songwriter – Gregg Ronald Geil Vocal – Carlos Machiste Video – Mary Hopkins Geil Guitars, mandolin, fiddle, bass and drums … Read more

Assault Rifle

Opinion: Gun Ownership

The Second Amendment never gave U.S. citizens the right to own a gun. The claim is nothing more than a misunderstanding of the wording (or a deliberate lie) by extremists. There are no rights given in the U.S. Constitution to allow private U.S. citizens the right to buy, own, or use a gun, for any … Read more


Austin Sun Newspaper Rises Again

The Austin Sun – June 10, 2016 – Engaging the community and encouraging participation among our members is central to the mission of The Austin Sun Community. Today, after seven years The Austin Sun Community has successfully helped bring together the creative synergy of those who worked at and contributed to Sun, and we are … Read more

Tell Your Story

Tell Your Story…

Each one of us has a remarkable story to tell. Your story, whether it be non-fiction, a novel, short story, fairy tale or more, writing it down and having it published will ensure that your story lives on. We want to hear your story. There are no limitations, no minimum or maximum number of words, … Read more


New Features

The Cultivation of Creative Genius That is what our Austin Sun past symbolizes for many of us today. It was the printed display of a life in a time that transformed a nation and a generation. It was the soil that made us what we are today. And the Austin Sun planted the seeds of … Read more


Gunnar Hansen

Gunnar Milton Hansen (March 4, 1947 – November 7, 2015) was an Icelandic-born American actor and author best known for playing the mentally impaired cannibal and central role of Leatherface in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974), which also starred Ed Guinn as the Cattle Truck Driver. Gunnar was born in Reykjavík, Iceland, and moved … Read more


Ken Hoge

Ken Hoge began working as a music journalist while attending The University of Texas at Austin, where he studied under Gary Winogrand and J. B. Colson, obtaining a degree in Radio, Television and Film in 1977. Hoge began his professional photography career as a music journalist during his years as a student at the University … Read more


Austin Sun Retrospective

The Sun Retrospective is coming along. Leea Mechling, Executive Director of the South Austin Popular Culture Center, has confirmed that there is an exhibit entitled “The Austin Sun Retrospective” in the works for September 11 through October 23, 2010. We are receiving emails from a good many people that intend to exhibit their memorabilia. To … Read more


Almost No Apologies

Perfect, I thought, when I first heard the title of this book – No Apologies: Texas Radicals Celebrate the ’60s. A brave title, cheeky and defiant, just the way we activists of the period like to remember what we did in those years. We are saying in No Apologies that we are proud of the … Read more

Stories from the Past

Stories from the Past

Your life isn’t an isolated period of time: it’s part of a continuum that reaches deep into the past and extends far into the future. You should record those stories, so they can be passed along to future generations. The best way to do that? Simply tell your stories. There are many ways to do … Read more

Billy Perkins Poster

What’s a Poster Worth?

This just in… Billy Perkins, the Austin poster artist has one of his posters being sold by a collector on eBay for $900. The poster is for the Mad Max viewing at Alamo Drafthouse. It is numbered 195 of 270 and is signed by the artist. The seller states that it is in VF condition … Read more


Literature in Texas

Since the time of first European contact, when Texas was a geographic mystery, mission field, and disputed prize, writers have devoted their talents to the area. Their efforts embrace every genre of literature and every facet of Texas history and culture. Literature through the nineteenth century. In the beginning, Texas literature, though written in Spanish, … Read more

Bill Narum

Austin’s own incredibly laid-back, soft-spoken, and most famous counter-culture hero is gone. Bill Narum passed away last night, November 18, 2009, while sitting at his studio art table at his home studio east of Austin. He had apparently suffered heart attack and passed peacefully. He was 62 years old. Narum was born on January 11, … Read more

Tinker's Dam

Tinkers Dam Fix-it Shop: My First Ad

FLASHBACK November of 1975, a young girl of 21, hard-earned Bachelor of Science Degree in Advertising and Resume in hand. That was me, I had just landed “a job” with The Austin Sun working on straight commission. “Straight commission. 20% of sales, but not on ad layout fees,” Glen Riley, the Sun’s first ad sales … Read more

Social Intercourse

The Austin Sun Community volunteer staff is excited to serve the vision of reconnecting those who made the Austin Sun happen–from janitor, to proofreader, photographers, illustrator, writers, to ad salespeople, advertisers, paper route people, as well as editors, bookkeepers, and the lawyer. Think of all the important tasks that went into getting just one issue of The Sun out! We are now getting … Read more

Mysterious Photo

Does anyone remember this photo from October 21, 1977? Ken Hoge sent it along with what he remembers of the shot, but we’d like to hear your remembrances as well. We received this photo from Ken Hoge. His statement regarding the photo is: “I am pretty sure it is a Jim Franklin painting but can’t … Read more

Dean Rabourn

Dean Rabourn died of an apparent heart attack in August 2009. He was most well known for his audio production of the Austin City Limits television show. Lately, he had worked with Audio Illusionists on South Congress Avenue in Austin and had ran Spirit Sound in the past. He did lots of audio for many … Read more

Planning Meeting

A planning meeting was held for all Austin Sun Community at Carol Stall’s (Deb Stall Nelson’s sister) home in South Austin on Saturday, August 15th. As you read this, we invite you to ponder the mission of the Austin Sun Reunion Group and how you might fit into the bigger picture. Folks at the meeting … Read more

Bill Hood

Bill Hood served as the cameraman for the Austin Sun and later assumed the duties as the Art Director. Today, Bill is a successful entrepreneur with far more irons in the fire than anyone should ever have. Bill is a self-professed workaholic, having been a professional photographer, jewelry designer (having placed three times in the … Read more

Party at Dave’s

The party’s over but the memories remain. The reunion held at Dave’s house on the banks of the Colorado River was a smashing success with a number of past staff members and a few others showing up to renew old acquaintances. The party begin at 1:00 p.m. with the first of many guests and ended … Read more


Steve Diamond

Steve was born on December 7, 1946 in the Republic of Panama where he spent his early years. He said that if he had been born a girl his mother would have named him Pearl to commemorate the attack at Pearl Harbor, which had taken place five years earlier on his birth date. He attended … Read more

To Hell with Houston!

With my wife and first born child in the car, I drove out of Houston on Highway 290 headed for Austin and a new life. Tired of the rat race that was Houston, we had decided to eliminate the weekly drives for weekend jaunts to Austin by simply packing up and moving. There would be … Read more

Photos from Ave Bonar

Photographer Ave Bonar has responded to our call for photos and quickly sent this one. She will be sending more, which will be posted to this page after she gets a current project behind her. So check back here for updates. Facing the camera is Eric “Enrique Pasa” Rosenblumn, the writer and he is speaking … Read more

Ramsey Wiggins

In 1976, I had left my position as advertising director at the increasingly dysfunctional Armadillo World Headquarters, confused and exhausted. When Jeff Nightbyrd of The Austin Sun asked me if I would use some of my record company contacts to sell advertising for that paper, I took him up on it, more or less as … Read more

Danny Garrett

Danny Garrett contributed many pieces of art to the Austin Sun over the years. An amazing feat for a guy who held degrees in finance and history. Oh, well, fate sometimes works better than the best laid plans. Without fate, we would never have the multitude of great art that Danny has contributed to the … Read more

Dean Rindy

Dean Rindy was the political commentator for the Austin Sun. Today, Dean is President of Rindy Miller Media, along with Cynthia Miller, who is a veteran media consultant who’s produced hundreds of television spots under high pressure for winning candidates across the country. Dean has been lead strategist and media consultant for over 300 political … Read more

Tim Mahoney

According to Tim’s biography, he has had an eclectic career. His father was in the U.S. Navy when he was a child, so his fantasy when he left home was to find a home town. Austin, Texas, qualified as that home town, and he’s been in Austin since 1970, except as he puts it, “with … Read more

Deb Stall-Nelson

DREAMING AND WRITING. What do they have in common? That would be Author Deborah Stall-Nelson—who has united her two greatest talents in her recent book. Ms. Nelson’s uncanny ability to direct her dreams to completion compelled her to author this unique 3-part self-development learning series—the first of its kind! Speaking of dreams, the author’s first … Read more

Peter Bacon Hales

Born in 1950, Peter Bacon Hales, like many of the contributors to the Austin Sun, was in his early twenties when he made his first contribution to the Austin Sun. Peter began his education at The Hopkins Grammar School, which is a co-educational, private day school, located in New Haven, Connecticut. Founded in 1660, Hopkins … Read more

Joe Gracey – Making a New Road

Joe Gracey was one of the writers of the Austin Sun Music Column beginning around 1975. And, like other music columnist for the Sun, Gracey had a generous background in the music industry, from the early age of 12 years old. Joe Gracey was born at an early age in Ft. Worth, Texas (“Where the … Read more

Who Knew?

Who knew I would ever see any of those people again? Part of me had hoped I wouldn’t. Embarrassing memories are better left alone! My most embarrassing memories…they were from my twenties in the seventies. I lived right smack in the middle of a culture ushered in by counter-culture leaders of the sixties. One of … Read more

The Rag

The Rag was an underground paper published in Austin, Texas from 1966-1977. The sixth member of the Underground Press Syndicate, The Rag was one of the most influential of the early underground papers, known for its unique blend of radical politics, alternative culture and humor. The Rag was closely associated with SDS and played a … Read more


Tell us your stories about your personal remembrances of the Austin Sun – the paper, the people, the times, life in Austin, the articles, photos, music scene and more. We’d love to hear from everyone – writers, editors, photographers, artists, advertisers, typesetters, paste-up and layout staff and anyone else who contributed in any way to … Read more

Bill Bentley

Bill Bentley was the first Music Columnist for the Austin Sun. And, while he may not have planned it, he is responsible for giving Austin the incredible talent of Margaret Moser, the second Music Columnist for the Sun. Bentley was born in Houston in 1950, the son of Houston Post newspaper cartoonist Bud Bentley. Later, … Read more

Margaret Moser

Margaret Moser was the Music Reviewer at the Austin Sun. Few would argue that Margaret was responsible for as many readers of the Sun as all the other journalist combine. After all, Austin was all about music and the music scene at the time. We were just becoming the Live Music Capital of the World … Read more

Photos Wanted

We are looking for photos taken at the Austin Sun or of Sun staff and contributors. If you have any photos, we’d love to post them here for all to enjoy once again. You can email scans of your photos to or if you do not have access to a scanner, we can scan … Read more


The Austin Sun Reconnected

Your best friend at the paper … The person you stayed up all night with each week to get the paper out on time … The writers, editors, artists, photographers, salespeople, advertisers, band members, and who can forget the bakers of Schlotzsky’s across the street who delivered the warm, albeit broken, bread to our offices … Read more