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Deb Stall-Nelson

Deb Stall-Nelson
Deb Stall-Nelson

DREAMING AND WRITING. What do they have in common? That would be Author Deborah Stall-Nelson—who has united her two greatest talents in her recent book. Ms. Nelson’s uncanny ability to direct her dreams to completion compelled her to author this unique 3-part self-development learning series—the first of its kind!

Speaking of dreams, the author’s first big dream, at the age of 14, was to become a newspaper editor and writer. She fulfilled that dream early on, within her first year of junior high school.

In love with publishing, Nelson found time between studies and work, to write for her college newspaper. Her next notable dream was to completely fund her college education. Still dreaming and writing, her dream came true when she graduated in the Mid-seventies, debt free, with a Bachelor’s Degree from UT at Austin. Soon thereafter, she joined The Austin Sun, working in advertising development for the weekly entertainment and cultural magazine.

But college was just the beginning. Her voracious appetite for reading, writing, and learning, drove Nelson in the next 25 years to read hundreds of books, attend seminars and workshops, and to relentlessly pursue post-graduate study in the areas of leadership, self-development, self-help, and self-employment.

In the Eighties, Nelson emerged from a divorce in the role of sole functioning parent. This challenge created one thing for Nelson, a new dream—to raise her daughter as a happy, healthy, successful person, rather than as a statistic of a broken home. Her determination for her daughter’s future (and with her new PC) propelled her to a new era and a new dream—to start one of the first home-based businesses. This dream realized, gave her the freedom to function as a full-time, on-purpose parent.

Eventually the business enabled Nelson to fund the 100K of her daughter’s education at an exclusive private art college—The Brooks Institute of Photography, her daughter’s “ impossible dream” college!

With the new millennium, the author began to coach clients to successful self-employment in their area of passion, including her daughter, who after graduating college, decided to pass up the job market. As a testimony to Nelson’s self-employment coaching, Daughter Jamie Nelson, 25, has emerged as a successful fashion photographer out of NYC—a young, rising star, clearly adept at living her dreams!

The author’s journalism, printing, and book publishing background positioned her to become published over the last 40 years. In recent years, Nelson has covered The Academy Awards and The Grammy’s for Hollywood Today—yet another dream come true. Sharing her passions, she has also published articles in the area of self-employment, self-help, time empowerment, relationships, advertising, and promotional marketing on the Internet; and meantime, won an important award for an essay written in her industry.

Continuing to dream and to write, and now devoted to women in business; the author was recognized in the Nineties by Working Women’s Magazine for entrepreneurial excellence; and recently selected as a national finalist for Ms. Corporate America 2008—a long held childhood dream now realized. Nelson has also founded The Dating Passport, Vacation Suites Global, and The University of Self-Employment.

In her new book, with the synthesis of 25 years of study, reading, and life experience, Nelson masterfully merges two recurring themes—her love of writing, and her ability to set dreams in motion.

What is her next dream? It’s to teach millions of readers to purposefully make their dreams come true!

Deb currently lives in Cardiff By The Sea, California when she isn’t visiting her daughter in New York City.

Who Knew?

Concert at Manor Downs
Concert at Manor Downs

Who knew I would ever see any of those people again? Part of me had hoped I wouldn’t. Embarrassing memories are better left alone!

My most embarrassing memories…they were from my twenties in the seventies. I lived right smack in the middle of a culture ushered in by counter-culture leaders of the sixties. One of these fearless leaders had personally known John Lennon; another had been friends in high school with Janis Joplin. It goes on and on like that, but that’s all I can remember now.

We smoked pot, went to orgies, demonstrated against the Vietnam war, advocated and fought for civil rights, burned our bras, dropped acid, imbibed psilocybin mushrooms, hosted parties at clothing optional Manor Villa, experienced amazing music at large muddy outdoor concerts “Woodstock style,” enjoyed backstage passes anywhere in Austin. Some of those things I did,; some of those things my partners in crime did; I won’t say which!

Recalling more, now, it wasn’t all just fun and games, protesting and drugging. We worked hard for our idealistic vision. Our work was at the Austin Sun–we wrote about it, promoted it, loved it, and lived it.

What had jolted these long since faded memories?

Fast-forward to 2007, Santa Barbara CA. The Night Bird. For three months, just out my open window a bird was chirping, incessantly, ceaselessly, nightly. I can sleep through anything; so I ignored it. For a while.

My subconscious mind didn’t ignore it, though, and eventually spoke to me about the message of the unceasingly chirping bird…A night bird…Jeffery Nightbyrd.

Who is Jeffery Nightbyrd? He was our editor/publisher/leader at the Austin Sun. I hadn’t given the Austin Sun much thought since I left it.

At the same time my suppressed memories were coming back to life, my sister unexpectedly encountered Bill Hood, a former Art Director for the Austin Sun at an event in Austin. My sister being a connoisseur of memories, brought up the idea of an Austin Sun reunion; and I was surprisingly open to it.

Looking back now, the Austin Sun was a happening, an amazing happening. With the perspective of 35 years past, although fraught with embarrassing, immature moments–nonetheless, these were some my life’s most exciting, creative, magical, formative years.

Warming up to these forgotten years, I kept in touch with Bill Hood via e-mail, and reconnected with Sam Yeates and others. We all felt the creative chemistry flowing yet still, and it was like a day hadn’t passed! When Bill came out to Long Beach for business, he drove up to Santa Barbara to visit me in January 2009.

Together we concluded that the magical creative energy of Austin Sun era was still alive! It had influenced our lives in many ways, and it deserved recognition.

The Austin Sun Reunion was born in Santa Barbara, CA, January 2009.

The Austin Sun Rises AGAIN!

Deborah Stall-Nelson
February 2009
Advertising Sales Manager, The Austin Sun
Program Director, Willie Nelson’s 4th of July Picnic
Gordo’s Pool Hall Program Director

And now, the Communications Goddess of The Austin Sun Reunion!