Quotes by G. William (Bill) Hood

The following are a compendium of things that I have written in my articles, books, and to others. Together they weigh on my thoughts at a particular moment in my life. While they were true at the time of writing or when the statement was made, they are subject to change as I continue to grow.

"To be aware that your thoughts guide others is a responsibility that should be taken seriously.” ~G. William Hood

"Your reputation is on the line with each statement that you make. Speak cautiously!” ~G. William Hood

"To be right in all of your thoughts and words requires a great amount of reflection. Do not act in haste!” ~G. William Hood

"Always give the greatest consideration when making a decision that will affect the rest of your life” ~G. William Hood

"Base your decisions not on what you want, but what is good for others." ~G. William Hood

"Always put others first in all that you do." ~G. William Hood

"Never hold another person back from being everything that they can be." ~G. William Hood

“Either do something or don't do it, but never limit yourself by saying that you will try. There is no try in life.” ~G. William Hood

“The only thing certain in life is uncertainty.” ~G. William Hood

“The only way to experience life’s richness is to surrender to the unknown.” ~G. William Hood

"If you have a negative person in your life, the good news is that you can more easily change your position than they can theirs." ~G. William Hood

"If there is always more to do than there is time, the solution is to get the right things done." ~G. William Hood

"The only thing keeping you from making meaningful progress is simply you limiting your own beliefs." ~G. William Hood

"Do not judge yourself based on where you are at this very moment." ~G. William Hood

"All barriers to your success in life and business are inside your head." ~G. William Hood

"If excuses did not exist, just think what we would be capable of doing." ~G. William Hood

"You can’t expect others to change by applying force." ~G. William Hood

"To say your will try is simply an excuse for why you didn’t accomplish the outcome you wanted to achieve." ~G. William Hood

"A parent's responsibility is to teach their children values, not to support their bad behavior by funding it." ~G. William Hood

"To be truly successful in any endeavor, simply commit 100 percent to the outcome you want to achieve." ~G. William Hood

"Complaining about others, does not someone think less of the people you complain about, but less of you." ~G. William Hood

"If you focus on negativity, you train your brain to find even more negativity." ~G. William Hood

"Success is achieved when the lives of others has been easier because you existed." ~G. William Hood

"If you act with awareness and are intentional, you become the persons others seek out and want to be around." ~G. William Hood

"Smiling creates positivity, draws others to you, elevates your mood, enables connections, and helps others relax. Are you smiling now?" ~G. William Hood

"Good things tend to happen when you lean into the unknown." ~G. William Hood

"To be a great leader, ensure that you always have a positive impact on the people you are leading." ~G. William Hood

"It is said that change is the most difficult thing to do, but of course, it is inevitable." ~G. William Hood

"Refrain from discussing topics of which you have no factual knowledge. Educate your mind before you open your mouth." ~G. William Hood

"What is repeatable is predictable, if you act in a consistent manner." ~G. William Hood

"Practice discernment in all things!" ~G. William Hood

"Be open to wonderment, value freedom more than you value certainty." ~G. William Hood

"There are always problems to be resolved in life. The goal should be to concentrate on the solution – not the problem.” ~G. William Hood

"Do not fill your life with those things that do not perpetuate your existence." ~G. William Hood

"Change what you can, accept what you can, and discard what you cannot change or accept." ~G. William Hood

"It is not what you know, but what you do that matters most." ~G. William Hood

“Your personal version of truth are the lies that you tell yourself.” ~G. William Hood

"Learning is not so much about the information, but about the experience." ~G. William Hood

“Do good deeds. It will make those who understand extremely happy.” ~G. William Hood

“You must know your destination if you have any hope of reaching it.” ~G. William Hood

“It is better to ask another what they want, than to expect that they want the same as you.” ~G. William Hood

“You have to put your oar in the water if you want to move.” ~G. William Hood

"Learning requires considerable planning and implementation." ~G. William Hood

“Give five minutes of exclusive attention to the person you care most for several times a day.” ~G. William Hood

“Ask others about themselves first, always, and listen to them attentively. Learn by asking them to explain their thoughts.” ~G. William Hood

"If you feel that you are charging too much, then you are probably right where you need to be." ~G. William Hood

"The Platinum Rule: Treat others as they want to be treated, not as you want to be treated." ~G. William Hood

“Lies are the stories that you make up, build on over time. The truth simply is and comes quicker and easier.” ~G. William Hood

"There is a problem when education system in the USA is turning out people with less knowledge than those in some third world counties." ~G. William Hood

"If you expended just 10% of your time trying to improve your existing knowledge, it would make a huge difference." ~G. William Hood

“Show genuine interest in others and let them know that you enjoy their company.” ~G. William Hood

"Experience is not what a person does time and time again – perhaps incorrectly – but what a man acquires from the knowledge he attains." ~G. William Hood

"Learning is not doing something – that's experience – learning is understanding how it works." ~G. William Hood

“Bring positivity to every conversation.” ~G. William Hood

"Either you run your life, or it runs you." ~G. William Hood

“Observe, think, and compliment others in a positive manner.” ~G. William Hood

"There are no noble causes in government. Everything done has an obvious sinister reason, usually involving something of value." ~G. William Hood

“Be spontaneous in showing affection to others.” ~G. William Hood

“Tune into and pay attention to others are saying.” ~G. William Hood

“You only experience in accordance with the effort you put forth.” ~G. William Hood

“Understanding what others want will help you achieve closeness.” ~G. William Hood

"The public has become complacent to the whims and dishonesty of the government that has been put into place." ~G. William Hood

“You will not change the behavior of others through criticism.” ~G. William Hood

"Schools do not teach what is actually needed to survive in the world; how to build, purify water, grow food, to cook, love and procreation." ~G. William Hood

“Criticism sends the message, 'You are not quite good enough the way you are.' to others.” ~G. William Hood

“Fending off criticism with the inner message, "I am fine the way I am." will never solve the problem.” ~G. William Hood

“Criticism creates an erosion of self-esteem in another and only drives them further away.” ~G. William Hood

“Controlling your spouse was not in the marriage vows.” ~G. William Hood

"People have become lemmings for the two political parties in the USA, neither of which has ever done a good job of running the country." ~G. William Hood

"Why do people only use the phrase, 'It's a free country!' when they are doing something they should be ashamed of?" ~G. William Hood

“Every personal criticism brings about a negative reaction.” ~G. William Hood

“To be critical of others is be concerned more with your own needs and wishes that of others.” ~G. William Hood

“Criticism speaks to the faults within you.” ~G. William Hood

“Happiness comes from resolving or diminishing specific problems within you.” ~G. William Hood

“Think what it is that you want in life, and make everything you do in life bring you closer to achieving your goal.” ~G. William Hood

"You cannot microwave a relationship." ~G. William Hood

"Talking about politics is like talking about next month's weather - it don't change a thing!" ~G. William Hood

"If everyone else is to blame for your suffering and you keep moving on, who will be there at the end of your journey?" ~G. William Hood

"Find your dream is only possible if you believe." ~G. William Hood

“In the USA, the votes of the people for the president and vice president do not count. The Congress, who count the Electoral votes in secrecy decide everything.” ~G. William Hood

"We are each tested every minute of our lives. It is up to you to decide how you will complete the test. Will you pass or fail?" ~G. William Hood

"Human imagination has always creates far interesting possibilities than reality can provide." ~G. William Hood

"It seems that Narcissus has outpaced Oedipus as the myth of the day." ~G. William Hood

"To believe that people will do for you as you do for them will often lead to disappointment." ~G. William Hood

"When someone says, "I am focusing on all that is right in my life." does that actually mean that they know what is wrong and choosing to avoid it? Really?" ~G. William Hood

"Fear of the unknown and of failure to make the right choice is one of the most difficult tasks for humankind. ~G. William Hood

"Could it be that the bad outweighs the good because you actually never do anything about the bad and it just continues to build up." ~G. William Hood

"The principle of learning is to be in a position of finding what you need to know when you need it." ~G. William Hood

"Having good friends is the key to one’s overall enjoyment of life." ~G. William Hood

"There is no good in goodbye, when it rips your heart out and throws it to the winds." ~G. William Hood

"To become a truly great person - surround yourself with truly great persons." ~G. William Hood

"Our purpose in life should be to prepare earth for the next generation. So far we are failing." ~G. William Hood

"My father lived by the precept, "Expect the best, prepare for the worst and settle for what you get." ~G. William Hood

"You cannot learn without imagination, interest and reason." ~G. William Hood

"Perhaps it is better to be prepared to accept the worst, but always working to improve the odds." ~G. William Hood

"It is best to prepare for success, than to suffer failure." ~G. William Hood

"Do not follow the path of least resistance, or you will be swept downriver into the ocean of failure." ~G. William Hood

"Prepare to recognize opportunity when it appears." ~G. William Hood

"There is nothing more frightening than a country whose people have no compassion for others and whose intense hatred becomes the status quo." ~G. William Hood

"Sometimes you just have to let others throw themselves into their own destiny and hope it works out well for them." ~G. William Hood

"Education should be about instructing students in what no one knows." ~G. William Hood

"Enlightenment may come to those who learn how to do without happiness." ~G. William Hood

"Have you ever considered that people who have pets really have a hostage from a different species." ~G. William Hood

"Those things that you believe are not important in your life, will be." ~G. William Hood

"It would be great to start a religion that was open to other people's point of view - that's never been done!" ~G. William Hood

"I never lose. I will either win or I will learn a lesson." ~G. William Hood

"The trick to growth is to surround yourself with people smarter than you." ~G. William Hood

"Learning requires the desire to change." ~G. William Hood

"I wear one earring because two would be characterized as a pretentious display." ~G. William Hood

“Never come to a conclusion without performing research.” ~G. William Hood

"In order to work more efficiently in a consistent, predictable and repeatable manner, we must solve problems by learning to think, if we are going to apply anything in a practical manner." ~G. William Hood

"You must be able to break things down into their purest form of simplicity to best understand them." ~G. William Hood

"You should know that all things are not possible and that realization should guide your thinking to only those things that are plausible." ~G. William Hood

"All ideas must be properly evaluated and tested before accepting them." ~G. William Hood

"Never get involved with someone who has more problems than you do." ~G. William Hood

"When you see something happening on a small scale, it is not unreasonable to multiply those effects over time." ~G. William Hood

"The more detail one is in the asking of the question, researching an idea, learning about the subject, generating an idea and viciously testing the solution, the greater amount of detail is known." ~G. William Hood

"The more detail one observes and the more intricacies one sees, the greater the results in solving a problem." ~G. William Hood

"Those that succeed in any endeavor are those who see the big picture with the greatest amount of detail." ~G. William Hood

"Look at all the small details and question everything." ~G. William Hood

"You have to be able to break things down into their purest form of simplicity to best understand them." ~G. William Hood

"You must be able to explain your subject in simple details, and if not, you do not understand the subject well enough." ~G. William Hood

"Test every idea - See the bigger picture." ~G. William Hood

"In truth, it is human to judge and thus we will all be judged. The best we can hope for is to be judged by our actions." ~G. William Hood

"It is not so much about what I want, but more about what I need to change to adapt to the world around me." ~G. William Hood

"Once you decide to do something be present at all times. Keep the outcome you want in mind and don't be deterred." ~G. William Hood

"How boring it would be if we all beat the same drum." ~G. William Hood

"Your success is dependent on the goals you set and how well you accomplish them." ~G. William Hood

"Having great character is an invaluable asset." ~G. William Hood

"Your life will be enriched when you cease fighting change." ~G. William Hood

"Seek those who need your expertise and do your very best to help them succeed." ~G. William Hood