Improving Tourism
Wed, 19/06/13 – 22:06 | Comments Off

A recent study by the Department of Industrial Engineering, Techológico de Monterrey, Toluca Campus, gave a grim picture of tourism in Cuernavaca and Morelos, listing the state as being in 21st place overall and in …

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Agua de Jamaica
Tue, 1/04/14 – 17:54 | Comments Off

It is difficult to find a restaurant in Cuernavaca without Agua de Jamaica (pronounced ha-mike-uh), which in English is Hibiscus Flower Tea, on their menu. As the waiter carries a tray filled with tall, icy …

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Teopanzolco Pyramids
Fri, 20/12/13 – 19:52 | Comments Off

View of the Great Platform, which once supported the twin temples of Tlaloc and Huitzilopochtli
In the Vista Hermosa Colonia of Cuernavaca, Mexico sits the Aztec archaeological site of Teopanzolco (from the Nahuatl language meaning “the …

La Catedral Restaurante
Fri, 20/12/13 – 7:16 | Comments Off
La Catedral Restaurante

La Catedral Restaurante is new, but don’t let that stop you from visiting before the rest of Cuernavaca finds this wonderful gem.

A DEA Agent Speaks Out on the Drug War
Fri, 15/11/13 – 14:04 | Comments Off
What is a CURP Card?
Wed, 23/10/13 – 17:14 | Comments Off

CURP is the abbreviation for Clave Única de Registro de Población (translated into English as Unique Population Registry Code or else as Personal ID Code Number). It is a unique identity code for both citizens …

Exotic Lemonada
Tue, 3/09/13 – 0:00 | No Comment
Exotic Lemonada

One of the favorite non-alcoholic drinks in Mexico is Lemonada (lemonade). Here in Cuernavaca, where we enjoy mild, tropical weather year round, it is always in fashion. There are many variations of lemonada and I …

Café de Olla
Sun, 25/08/13 – 21:56 | Comments Off
Café de Olla

If you have not heard of Café de Olla and you like your coffee sweet, then this is a great way to serve coffee. The name Café de Olla literally means Pot Coffee in English, …