Improving Tourism
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A recent study by the Department of Industrial Engineering, Techológico de Monterrey, Toluca Campus, gave a grim picture of tourism in Cuernavaca and Morelos, listing the state as being in 21st place overall and in …

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A DEA Agent Speaks Out on the Drug War
Friday, 15 Nov, 2013 – 14:04 | Comments Off
Tour of the State of Mexico
Tuesday, 25 Sep, 2012 – 6:27 | No Comment
Tour of the State of Mexico

This video was shot in the State of Mexico, around Mexico City. The crew from shot 1,900 photographs over a period of 8 days and combined them to create this beautiful video. You may …

Terra 3 Expeditions
Wednesday, 12 Oct, 2011 – 9:06 | No Comment
Terra 3 Expeditions

In the state of Morelos there are exceptional sites, natural beauties that are waiting for you to to visit and explore, from pine forests, streams and creeks, to beautiful cliffs, canyons and caves.

Drive Through Town
Wednesday, 12 Oct, 2011 – 8:41 | No Comment
Drive Through Town

This video from YouTube is shot from the front window as the videographer drives through downtown Cuernavaca, giving you a front seat view of the city. Enjoy!