Flights between Cuernavaca and San Antonio, Texas Announced

It has been a long time coming but yesterday, Morelos Governor, Graco Ramirez and Martin Vazquez, General Director of Cuernavaca’s Mariano Matamoros Airport jointly announced that the Directorate General of Civil Aviation has processed the permits and licenses for Transportes Aereos Regional (TAR) for flights between Cuernavaca and San Antonio, Texas will begin in July 2016.

The airlines has had commercial flights to Guadalajara and Monterrey since March 2016, which have gone well above the expectations of 50 to 55 percent occupancy to 80 percent. The airlines is hoping for even better occupancy rates to and from San Antonio. While the initial frequency of flights will be limited, both the airlines and the airport are fully ready to meet the demand as it increases.