Flights To and From Mexico City

As these airlines travel to the listed destination, obviously they must return so consider this to be a list of all airlines flying into and out of Mexico City. Please note that there are two International airports; Benito Jaurez International Airport in Mexico City (MEX} and Adolfo López Mateos International Airport in Toluca (TLC), a suburb of Mexico City that was created to take some of the load off of the Benito Jaurez International Airport. There is transportation between the two airports.

Acapulco, Mexico 1h 0m Aeromexico, Aeromar, InterJet
Aguascalientes, Mexico 1h 15m Aeromexico, Aeromar
Amsterdam, The Netherlands 10h 20m KLM
Atlanta, GA 3h 20m Delta, Aeromexico
Bogotá, Colombia 4h 34m Avianca, COPA, Aeromexico
Buenos Aires, Argentina 9h 30m Aeromexico
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico 2h 12m Aeromexico, InterJet, Volaris
Campeche, Mexico 1h 47m Aeromexico, VivaAerobus
Cancún, Mexico 2h 7m Aeromexico, Volaris, InterJet, VivaAerobus
Caracas, Venezuela 4h 44m Aeromexico
Charlotte, NC 3h 34m US Airways
Chetumal, Mexico 2h 5m Aeromexico, InterJet
Chicago, IL 3h 57m Aeromexico, United, American, Volaris
Chihuahua, Mexico 2h 16m Aeromexico, InterJet, Volaris
Ciudad del Carmen, Mexico 1h 31m Aeromexico, InterJet
Ciudad Juarez, Mexico 2h 38m Aeromexico, InterJet, VivaAerobus
Ciudad Obregón, Mexico 1h 58m Aeromexico, InterJet
Ciudad Victoria, Mexico 1h 27m Aeromar
Colima, Mexico 1h 25m Aeromar
Cozumel, Mexico 2h 0m InterJet
Culiacán, Mexico 2h 3m Aeromexico, InterJet, Volaris
Dallas, TX 2h 48m American, Aeromexico
Detroit, MI 4h 12m Delta
Durango, Mexico 1h 41m Aeromexico, Aeromar
Frankfurt, Germany 10h 35m Lufthansa
Guadalajara, Mexico 1h 14m Aeromexico, InterJet, Volaris, VivaAerobus
Guatemala City, Guatemala 1h 37m Aeromexico, InterJet, TACA
Havana, Cuba 2h 41m InterJet, Cubana, Aeromexico
Hermosillo, Mexico 2h 27m Aeromexico, InterJet, Volaris
Houston, TX 2h 20m United, Aeromexico
Huatulco, Mexico 1h 22m InterJet, Aeromexico, VivaAerobus, Aeromar
Ixtapa, Mexico 1h 3m Aeromexico, InterJet, Aeromar
Jalapa, Mexico 0h 55m Aeromar
La Paz, Mexico 2h 27m Aeromexico, Volaris
Las Vegas, NV 4h 0m Aeromexico, Volaris
Lazaro Cardenas, Mexico 1h 14m Aeromar
León, Mexico 1h 10m Aeromexico
Lima, Peru 5h 46m Aeromexico, LAN, TACA
London, UK 10h 12m British Airways
Los Angeles, CA 4h 10m Aeromexico, Alaska, United,
Los Mochis, Mexico 2h 30m Aeromexico
Madrid, Spain 10h 42m Iberia, Aeromexico
Manzanillo, Mexico 1h 36m Aeromar, Aeromexico
Matamoros, Mexico 1h 39m Aeromexico, Aeromar
Mazatlán, Mexico 1h 46m Aeromexico, VivaAerobus
Mérida, Mexico 1h 48m Aeromexico, InterJet, VivaAerobus
Mexicali, Mexico 3h 34m Volaris, Aeromexico
Miami, FL 3h 5m American, Aeromexico, InterJet
Minatitlán, Mexico 1h 19m Aeromexico
Monterrey, Mexico 1h 34m Aeromexico, InterJet, VivaAerobus, Volaris
Montreal, Canada 5h 7m Aeromexico
Morelia, Mexico 0h 55m Aeromexico, Aeromar
New York, NY 4h 49m Aeromexico, United, InterJet, Delta
Nuevo Laredo, Mexico 1h 57m Aeromexico
Oaxaca, Mexico 1h 5m Aeromexico, InterJet
Orlando, FL 3h 16m Aeromexico, Volaris
Panama 3h 40m COPA
Paris, France 10h 35m Air France, Aeromexico
Phoenix, AZ 3h 28m US Airways
Poza Rica, Mexico 0h 53m Aeromar, Aeromexico
Puerto Escondido, Mexico 1h 22m Aeromar, VivaAerobus
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico 1h 30m Aeromexico, InterJet, Volaris
Reynosa, Mexico 1h 40m Aeromexico, VivaAerobus
Saltillo, Mexico 1h 53m Aeromar, Aeromexico
San Antonio, TX 2h 2m Aeromexico, InterJet, AirTran
San Diego, CA 3h 55m Volaris
San Francisco, CA 4h 55m United, Aeromexico
San Jose, Costa Rica 2h 38m InterJet, TACA, Aeromexico
San Luis Potosí, Mexico 1h 12m Aeromexico, Aeromar
San Pedro Sula, Honduras 2h 31m Aeromexico
San Salvador, El Salvador 2h 15m TACA, Aeromexico
Santa Ana, CA / Orange Co. 3h 53m InterJet, AirTran
Santiago de Querétaro, Mexico 0h 59m Aeromexico
Santiago, Chile 8h 22m LAN, Aeromexico
Sao Paulo, Brazil 9h 32m TAM, Aeromexico
Tampico, Mexico 1h 3m Aeromexico, InterJet, VivaAerobus
Tapachula, Mexico 1h 52m Aeromexico
Tepic, Mexico 1h 26m Aeromar
Tijuana, Mexico 3h 40m Volaris, Aeromexico, InterJet
Toronto, Canada 4h 25m Air Canada
Torreon, Mexico 1h 45m Aeromexico, VivaAerobus
Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Mexico 1h 30m Aeromexico, InterJet, VivaAerobus
Vancouver, Canada 5h 50m Air Canada
Veracruz, Mexico 1h 1m Aeromexico, Aeromar, InterJet
Villahermosa, Mexico 1h 25m Aeromexico, InterJet, VivaAerobus
Washington, DC 4h 7m United, Aeromexico
Zacatecas, Mexico 1h 31m Aeromexico