Guadalajara Police Arrest Expat Protesters

The Guadalajara State Police were called to the Chapala Pier early Monday, February 11 to break up an altercation between U.S. expats who customarily gather there for coffee and conversation.

The altercation began when one expat, who is anti-Trump, reportedly had four of his Mexican employees come to the Pier carrying signs that read, “Deport Trump Supporters.” He has been outspoken in his beliefs that those who support Trump and his policies have no business living in Mexico.

When the anti-Trump expat arrived at the Pier, a Trump supporter threw a cup of coffee in the anti-Trump expat’s face. The two expats exchanged verbal insults and a few attempted blows before several other expats who meet daily at the Pier joined in an attempt to stop the altercation.

The State Police intervened and arrested both men and took them to jail. Both were later released.

It could have turned out much different as the Mexican Constitution states very clearly that “Foreigners shall not in any way involve themselves in political matters.” This is absolutely interpreted to mean that foreigners do not have the right to participate in any political event, rally or demonstration. Foreigners should stay away from all political activity including any demonstration or protest even if you think it is seemingly political. Engaging in these kinds of events can lead to deportation.

If you are considering visiting Mexico, please leave your MAGA cap and political beliefs behind. Don’t risk being arrested and deported from Mexico over your political beliefs.

Learn to think, think to learn!