Jardines de Mexico

A short 30 minute drive south of Cuernavaca on Autopista Mexico-Acapulco 95D at Km 129 in Tehiuxtla brings you to the Jardines de Mexico (Mexico Gardens), destined to become the first and only ornamental floral center of the world. Once there you will find species of flowers from various countries such as Holland, Italy, Japan, Brazil, Switzerland, the United States, Canada, among others, but mainly from Mexico, growing in a planned exhibition space, with a priority to Mexican varieties. Throughout the year about 193 million flowers will be on display, including various types of cactus and there will be various activities for the whole family.

Jardines de Mexico is a private project of 51 hectares (126 acres) consisting of eight contemplative gardens Italian, Japanese style, Cactus, Tropical; the Labyrinth of the Senses, the Four Springs, Flower Fan and an Orchid Garden. Additionally there are a children’s garden, outdoor auditorium, restaurants, a convention center, an esplanade of eight thousand square meters, and an entertainment center with a capacity of 4,500 people among other areas.

The Jardines de Mexico officially opens today, after three years of construction, and an initial investment of 600 million pesos. President Enrique Peña Nieto attended the opening festivities of what is the world’s largest tourist contemplative garden complex. The project is slated to become an economic development generating more than three thousand direct and indirect jobs.of the southern part of the state, according to Antonio Esparza Carvajal, CEO of Jardines de Mexico.

The opening coincides the beginning of spring in Morelos with gastronomic samples dishes made with flowers, ornamental displays, workshops, lectures, an exhibition of Miguel Angel Castro Leñero, lunch and dinner pairings, plus the premiere of a documentary about Disney and theme shows, Welcome to Eden, Birth of Spring, Our Roots and Total Madness. Guests will enjoy cultural, musical and culinary activities, while communing with nature in the wonderful spring time climate. The opening will be capped with a concert by the great Mexican tenor Fernando de la Mora, accompanied by Opera, Mariachi and a Quartet on 22 March 2014.

The site was chosen for its climate and for being one of the strategic areas for tourism, due to the largest number of spas in Morelos and its proximity to Lake Tequesquitengo.

Antonio Esparza stated that the Jardines de Mexico project includes the first gardening school in Latin America to professionalize this profession, which seeks to promote fashion for gardening and flower production.