Las Doce Uvas de Suerte

If you are a recent resident of Mexico or will be visiting over New Year’s, there is a Spanish tradition — that migrated to Latin American countries and even the Philippines — that you need to be aware of. On New Year’s Eve, at midnight is it a tradition to eat grapes to bring good luck and be granted your wishes, much like eating black-eyed peas in the USA. The good news is that you get to make 12 wishes with this tradition.

If someone hands you grapes on New Year’s Eve, don’t eat them immediately. When the clock (or the church bell) strikes midnight, you eat the first grape and make a wish. Then do the same for each of the other 11 grapes on each of the remaining 11 strikes of the clock.

However, as with all things, there is a catch. Those who do not eat the 12 grapes before the bells finish will have a year of back luck — so chew quickly.

It’s said that he who doesn’t eat the grapes before the bells finish will have a year of bad luck.

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