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I know because when I first started searching for a way to learn Mexican Spanish, I traveled to Cuernavaca, Mexico, where there were more Spanish Language Schools than any other place. I thought I could attend a school for a few weeks (based on their advertising) and learn enough to get by. I was wrong!

I spent thousands of dollars and made several multi-week trips to Cuernavaca hoping to learn the language. What I found was that none of the schools actually knew how to teach a language. The instructors were bi-lingual, but they did not have experience in teaching a language.

From the very first day, as a student I was placed in an immersion program, which meant that the teacher would only speak Spanish in and out of the classroom. The school even went so far as to place signs around the campus, explaining that only Spanish would be spoken on the campus.

I signed up for the Executive Program, with a one-on-one instructor. When I entered the classroom, the instructor only spoke Spanish to me. Not understanding a word that he was speaking, I informed him that I did not speak any Spanish. He only continued to speak Spanish, being intent on following the rules of the school.

Finally, I explained to him that if he wanted me to understand what he was teaching that he was going to have speak to me in a language that I could understand. He got up and closed the door to the classroom and explained in perfect English that it was against school policy for him to speak English to me.

I then explained that I had paid to learn Spanish and if I had wanted to only speak to a native speaker and be unable to understand them, I could have spoken to anyone on the street. He finally gave in and begin to attempt to teach me Spanish using a combination of English and Spanish. However, he was ill-equipped to teach anything other than what he could read from a 1960s introduction to Spanish book.

I walked away from those experiences and began looking for a more effective way to learn Spanish. That was when I ran across Synergy Spanish by Marcus Santamaria. It is the least expensive and comprehensive Spanish Language Program available and IT WORKS!

It’s Your Quick, Easy, Proven Shortcut to the Spanish Language… Loved By Over 534,236 People

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  • Access to audio and video lessons
  • All lessons average 5-10 minutes
  • Weekly tips & tricks to help learn faster

I learned more Marcus’ course in one week than I had learned in months of attempting to learn by attending expensive schools or hiring private tutors. And, you can too!

There are several ways to benefit from Synergy Spanish; the Flagship Synergy Spanish Course, the Home Delivery Version, or the Complete Download Version, with video and MP3 audio CDs that you can listen to in your car during the time when you are trapped behind the wheel. Put that time to use – Click Here! for more information on Synergy Spanish Courses.

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