Mexico – No. 4 in Quality of Life

Mexico ranks No. 4 on quality-of-life index – 91% of expats are generally satisfied with life in Mexico

Quality of Life in MexicoThe annual Expat Insider survey by InterNations, a network and guide for expatriates, found that 91% of expats in Mexico are generally satisfied with life in Mexico.

For the third year in a row Mexico placed first for ease of settling in, and also scored well in subcategories such as Finding Friends, where it came first, and Feeling Welcome, placing second.

More than four in five expats in Mexico feel at home with the local culture and 53% of respondents rated friendliness of the population as very good, compared to just 26% globally.

Communication is not an issue for most, despite the existing language barrier between their native language and Spanish: 63% agreed it was easy to learn Spanish. Also, English as a second language has been taught in public schools in Mexico for the past 20 years. Great strides have been made and today there are 50,000 English teachers in Mexican schools. A great number of individuals under the age of 30 speak English quite well.

Not surprisingly, prior to moving to Mexico, many thought that personal safety would be a concern. Forty-two percent of those considering moving to Mexico said they felt it was a potential disadvantage in moving to Mexico compared to the global average of only 11%.

For many, however, security concerns lessened after making the move. Fewer than one in five had a negative response about security after making the move.

Expats were happier about finances and the cost of living. Mexico ranks eighth and fifth respectively on the Personal Finance and Cost of Living indexes and its expats are twice as likely to say they are completely satisfied with their financial situation.

Worldwide, 36% of expats say the cost of housing is expensive, but in Mexico only 8% of those expats living here are dissatisfied with the cost of housing.

Mexico ranks well for family life but the quality of education was rated by 13% as very bad compared to 3% globally. Children’s safety was another concern.

Thirty per cent of expat respondents of Mexico were retired and 40% said they intend to stay in the country for the rest of their lives. Their average age was 50.6.

The survey results are based on feedback from 14,000 respondents who offered their say on moving, living and working abroad in 67 countries.

Taiwan was ranked No. 1, Malta second and Ecuador third. At the bottom of the index was Kuwait, followed by Greece, Nigeria, Brazil and Saudi Arabia.

The United States placed 26th and Canada 12th.