Teachers Return to Cuautla

Cuautla, Mexico – October 11, 2012 – On Tuesday, teachers and students returned to classrooms in Cuautla as Institute of Basic Education of the State of Morelos (IEBEM) promised to pay outstanding debts to teachers no later than the second half of October.

After lengthy talks between authorities of the IEBEM, union representatives and teachers, the first agreement was reached that averted the strike which broke out at the Ecole Normale de Cuautla Federal Urban (ENUFC) on Thursday of last week.

Academic and administrative activities will continue on campus beginning this Thursday as the 350 students return to school to make up for lost time. Classes are already in place and negotiations will continue on Friday to finalize the payment of teachers salaries and other debts.

The announcement was made around 8:00 pm on Monday at the conclusion of negotiations in which the IEBEM agreed to pay the debt from income equalization, salary increases, incentives for punctuality and age, among others. This agreement will benefit the 22 school teachers who claimed the rights were acquired and the salary earned.

The initial proposal was to settle these debts IEBEM in November, but the IEBEM undertook to make the appropriate administrative effort to obtain payment before the end of this month.

Shamir Calderón Gómez, general secretary of the Delegation D-II-33 of the ENUFC, said the agreement reached was signed off on by Judith Flores Peña, head of Media Education and Normal, the head of the Department of Normal and Payments the IEBEM, and the representative of the National Union of Education Workers (SNTE), Benjamin Soto Zuniga and director of the Normal School.

About Cuautla

Being primarily a weekend “getaway” for affluent and middle-class Mexicans, foreign national tourists are in short supply. Cuautla’s charms are one of Mexico’s best-kept secrets. But the word is getting out. As a result, the English language teaching business is on the upswing.

Cuautla is the second most important city in the state of Morelos. It’s a beautiful city where visitors enjoy the beauty of the streets, the great variety of flora, naturally-heated waters, and its rich history. Some outstanding places to visit are: the Plaza Principal, the Convent of Santo Domingo, the Municipal Palace, and the House of Jose Maria Morelos and Pavón.

Cuautla is famous for it’s principal “Balneario” or Sulphur Spring, Agua Hedionda, which translates to Smelly Waters. There are several springs in the area where you can soak, soften and relax in the therapeutic waters that now smell only faintly of the yellow sulpher mineral. Rumor has it that Moctezuma himself languished in the sulphur springs that dot the state of Morelos, giving it the name “Hedionda”. Some other springs to try are: Balneario “La ONDA”, Balneario “Agua Linda”, Balneario “Las Tazas”, Balneario “El Almela” and the Los Termas Water Park.