Teatro Ocampo

The Ocampo Theatre is the first theater in the state of Morelos with the features and capacity needed to provide the population shows of an extremely high level, which require special conditions of acoustic and theatrical mechanics. The Teatro Ocampo position the cultural activity of the State at national and international levels, capable of hosting shows of high artistic quality they deserve and presented in Morelos for the enjoyment of those who live and visit our state. El Teatro Ocampo contributes equally to project areas recovery of the first frame of the Historic Center of Cuernavaca and is visually integrated with the surrounding buildings, leading to a new urban image that strengthens cultural tourism.

ADDRESS: Hermenegildo Galeana 8 corner Ignacio Rayon, Col. Centro Cuernavaca, CP 62000, Cuernavaca, Morelos

WEBSITE: http://www.mexicoescultura.com/recinto/50583

CONTACT: Jesus Quintero
Tel. (777) 318 6358, 314 2410

AFFILIATION: Department of Culture of the State of Morelos

SCHEDULE:, 2:00 p.m. to 20:00 hrs.
Prices: $ 50 General admission


Security Zone
Ticket Office
Health Facilities for people with disabilities
Coffee Shop

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