Terra 3 Expeditions

In the state of Morelos there are exceptional sites, natural beauties that are waiting for you to to visit and explore, from pine forests, streams and creeks, to beautiful cliffs, canyons and caves.

Terra 3 Expeditions takes you to these places that no one else can offer adventure activities provided with high standards of safety and personalized attention, come and dare to rappel walls 45 and 55 meters, crosses canyons surrounded by jungle, rappel down waterfalls, Immerse yourself in the heart of the earth in an underground river, known mystic and sacred places.

  • Canoe – Canoe down 6 different locations
  • Rappel – Tepozotlan
  • Rafting –
  • Kayak
  • Spelunking – Explore 5 different locations
  • and more…

Júpiter N°7, Bello Horizonte
Cuernavaca Morelos, México
Tel from Cuernavaca: (777) 150-4026
Tel: (55) 8995-5204

Web: http://www.t3expediciones.com/