Translation Jobs

In this ever increasing global economy, the need for translation services has skyrocketed. The demand for online translations is growing rapidly as companies around the world realize the need to have simple documents translated into their native language.

This becomes a goldmine for anyone who speaks and writes two languages. There are no other requirements. No degree is needed. No special skills other than a computer with an Internet connection to send and receive emails. No special software to buy – just use your email program to enter the translation and send it to the clients. The jobs are particularly attractive to those who only want to work part time, perhaps two hours a day in their spare time.

There are scores of companies around the world who do not wish to hire a full-time, in-house translators to translate simple documents into other languages. These documents could be text for websites, product descriptions, articles, books, or emails from their non-native language clients. Once you start a relationship with a company as a translator they keep using your services on a regular basis.

Obviously, the most lucrative translation jobs are those who speak and write two of the more common languages, such as English and Spanish. The demand for those who can translate in these two languages is extremely high.

A retiree acquired a job translating books in his spare time and not only is he paid for the translation, he earns a percentage of the sale on each translated book as a co-author.

One student from Mexico is earning $200 USD a day, working only 2 hours. That equates to a total earnings of $4,300 USD per month. The student stated, “It is really quite easy, I signed up at an online translation company, which has a huge list of translation job listings. When I have some spare time, I log in and browse though the listings to find one that I feel I can do a good job on,” he said. “There are so many to choose from, it’s like an endless supply. The site I use that has the most profitable work is Real Translator Jobs.”

We visited the site and found it quite easy to get started and there were a large number of jobs available on the site. If you have an interest in doing this, and earning money translating simple documents just follow these steps:

1. Sign up on Real Translator Jobs
(This is the most recommended site to find good listings)

2. Review the job listings and complete any that you want
(You can do as many or as little as you want)

3. Get paid by every month for your total earnings.

I hope you enjoyed discovering this amazing new way to earn money, please post a comment on how it works out for you below!