Transportation Services

When you need transportation services consider Tramites Servicios of Cuernavaca. The company offers transportation by car or van to just about anywhere you would want to go in the area and you can book a one-way or all day trip. Perhaps you only want to hire a car and driver for a day tour of Cuernavaca or to pick up friends at the Mexico City Airport and return them to your home without the fuss of the bus! Perhaps you would like to go to San Miguel de Allende for the day with a group of friends. Tramites Servicios can accommodate your needs.

Some of their rates to the most popular destinations are set, but don’t let that stop you from calling for transportation to other places.

Tramites Servicios Rates (subject to change without notice)

Destination Car for up to 3 people Van for 7 or 8 people
Cuernavaca – Benito Juarez Airport 80 USD 100 USD
Benito Juarez Airport – Cuernavaca
80 USD 100 USD
Cuernavaca – Toluca Airport
100 USD 120 USD
Toluca Airport – Cuernavaca
100 USD 120 USD
Mexico City Full Day – Many museums and sites 160 USD 200 USD
Teotihuacan 160 USD 200 USD
Taxco 150 USD 180 USD
Xochicalco 100 USD 120 USD
Xochicalco and Taxco 160 USD 200 USD
Acapulco 240 USD 300 USD
Puebla 180 USD 220 USD
Cuernavaca Tour
70 USD 100 USD
Tepoztlán 80 USD 100 USD
Cacahuamilpa Caves 110 USD 140 USD
Malinalco 140 USD 170 USD
Las Estacas River 100 USD 120 USD
Tlayacapan 80 USD 100 USD
Six Flags Mexico
150 USD 200 USD
Hacienda San Gabriel 50 USD 80 USD
Hacienda Cocoyoc 60 USD 80 USD
Valle de Bravo 240 USD 280 USD
San Miguel de Allende 280 USD 320 USD


Your Transportation Services

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