Trump Supporters Pay for Mexican Beer Party

Supporters of the U.S. Republican Party candidate for U.S. president, Donald Trump, unwittingly picked up the tab for a beer party in Mexico City on Thursday.

Trump, who has labeled Mexicans rapists and drug runners, has caused outrage south of the border with his vow to build a border wall that Mexico will pay for – a pledge that inspired brewer Cerveza Cucapa’s ingenious scheme to get Trump supporters to cough up for Mexicans’ brews.

In September, Cerveza Cucapá, an artisanal brewery in Northern Mexico, designed and began selling a t-shirt with the likeness of the candidate and the inscription “I support Donald.”

Cerveza Cucapá sent staff to Los Angeles to sell the shirts, where they told buyers they planned to build a wall of beers with the proceeds. Trump supporters liked the idea well enough that the t-shirts were a sell out. How much the t-shirt sales generated has not been reported but the proceeds were enough to build the Wall of Beers!

However, unbeknown to the buyer, they design was printed with both traditional screenprinting inks and a thermochromic ink that appears when warmed by the wearer’s body temperature. When worn, the body temperature adds a clown’s nose to Trump’s face, an X over the words, “I support” and adds the message “El que lo Lea,” which loosely translated, “Whoever reads this is a Donald.” The name Donald has become synonymous for Clown in Mexico.


Brewery founder Mario García stated the idea for the campaign originated with a Trump statement about the Mexico-U.S. border wall that has been part of his campaign: “Mexico will pay for the wall, they just don’t know it yet.”

“So we decided,” said García, “’Well, Donald Trump is gonna pay for our beers, even though he doesn’t know it yet.’”

Last night, proceeds from the tongue-in-cheek publicity stunt helped fund the Wall of Beers in Mexico City, where a well-heeled crowd of revelers in bright yellow Trump wigs took cheer from the property mogul’s recent collapse in the U.S. polls.

Esteban Pacheco, a 26-year-old Cerveza Cucapá employee, said the aim of the brewer’s campaign was to build bridges between the two countries. “We want to unite the people with these types of activities,” he said.