Why U.S. Citizens are Running for the Border

Imagine enjoy an absolutely world-class Italian meal in a restaurant, with all the accompaniments for $5 USD. The $1.50 chelada, a lager beer on the rocks, with a liberal dose of lime juice and salt on the rim, is perfect for washing down the meal. Later you will go salsa dancing with your partner before returning to your hillside home that you purchased for $120,000 USD and is 4 times larger than the $400,000 home you sold in the USA before heading off to paradise in Mexico. The yearly taxes on the home are $200 USD and the utilities run $25 USD a month. You have a maid who comes in once a week to clean the house, wash and iron the clothing, for $15 USD. Her husband is your gardener who tends to the azaleas and birds of paradise plants, in the spacious garden where you enjoy your morning coffee and pastries for the same $15 USD a week. You enjoy watching all the US television channels via satellite at 50% of the cost in the USA and you have high-speed (twice the speed of the USA), fiber-optics Internet for visiting with your family and friends back home via Skype Video for $35 a month.

Sound like a dream come true? It is true for this writer who lives well on $350 a month, and millions of others are already enjoying the life here. Mexico is special and those that move here quickly fall in love and leave their stressful lives behind. And the best part is that you can enjoy it all every month of the year, thanks to the year-round warm weather.

For too many retirees living in the USA, daily life means paying mounting bills, paying exorbitant amount of their already low pension on medical bills and medicine and worrying about … well … everything! But freeing yourself from the rat race is far easier than you think.

Millions of retirees from the USA have already escaped the futile grind and have freed themselves from the high cost of living in the USA by moving to the beautiful and peaceful south of Mexico, where their dollars go much further. There are currently over 1.2-million retirees living peacefully in Mexico. And, several million more who are still actively working for many of the U.S. companies operating in the country.

This year, record numbers of Americans are set to not only escape the United States, but also renounce their citizenship, too. While millions struggle to go to the U.S.A., one must ask the question – “Why are record numbers of U.S. residents and citizens running for the border?

It has everything to do with enjoying a better lifestyle for a fraction of what it costs in the USA or Canada, and nothing to do with the fear of the rumors of violence perpetuated by the U.S. government to keep you in the U.S.A. If you are worried about your safety read our articles The Truth About Mexican Violence and Mexico is Safer than the USA, written by a local resident from the U.S.A.

Here in Cuernavaca a couple can live well on as little as $500 USD a month, those requiring a better lifestyle may spend as little as $800 USD a month, enjoying fresh fruits and vegetables from the local market, or shopping at CostCo or Walmart. A pound of tomatoes may cost 65 cents or 2 pounds of fresh fruit for $1. A simple meal in a restaurant will cost anywhere from $2.65 to perhaps $11.00 per person. Going to the movies, with first run US films, may cost $5 for the matinee.

And, you can save big right now on investing in a home and the subsequent property taxes and utilities, too! Today, the peso exchange rate is currently at $17 pesos per dollar. For those with enough money to buy a home in Mexico, say a new 3-bedroom, 2 bath, 2-story, home costing $1.6 million pesos, the cost in dollars would be $94,185.26 USD. A year ago, the same house would have cost $120,000 USD. For those with a bit more money to invest in a retirement home in Mexico, say $350,000 USD, they could purchase a home worth $3-million peso that would have a more spacious garden and swimming pool, saving $88,500 than the same property would have cost a year ago.

Cuernavaca HomeConsider this home in Cuernavaca, Mexico, which is 4,434 square feet, on a 7,728 square foot property. It has 6 bedrooms, 4.5 baths, with a 2-car garage and swimming pool. It was built in 2011 in one of the nicest areas of town and is currently on the market for $327,544 USD. It is being offered by Century 21 currently and more photos can be viewed or for additional information by clicking here. However, there are homes available currently for much less (perhaps $75,000 USD) and up to several millions for huge mansions on very large properties.

An ex-president of Mexico lives in a very nice house in Cuernavaca, as does one the richest men in the world – Carlos “Slim” Helú. But don’t think that most of the huge ex-pat population of Cuernavaca are rich! Most are middle class retires who sought a better life than they had in the USA or Canada and found it here.

However, you should consider acting now if you are investing, as the market will turn again and the savings will not be as attractive for buyers.