Writers and Artists

If you have a Cuernavaca or Mexico-related story, poem, art or photo and would like to be published at Viva Cuernavaca, please read the guidelines below. They’re really simple. If you mess them up, we doubt we’ll be able to publish you, so just go have a cup of coffee, calm down, and try again.

Viva Cuernavaca is an online magazine about life and culture in Cuernavaca. With that in mind, we seek thoughtful, well-researched articles and insightful non-fiction, reviews, art, humor, prose and poetry of a positive nature on the topic of Cuernavaca and Mexico and the rich culture we enjoy here in the City of Eternal Spring.

We offer no payment as we believe in the sharing of communications between our thoughtful, intelligent, well read, appreciative readers and writers. We will however, be happy to provide a short byline, complete with link back to your website or contact information.

We welcome your interest and provide the following submission guidelines.

Writer and Artist Guidelines

Please Note: The surest way for a writer to determine whether his or her material is right for us is to look at our web site.

Types of Submissions

Nonfiction: General interest, profiles, book excerpts (prior to publication), and essays. Preferred length is 1,000-5,000 words.

Columns/Departments: Personal experience and observation, humor, travel, etc. These columns will be developed as material is accepted. Preferred length is 700 – 1,000 words.

Fiction: Send complete manuscript inline with your email. Preferred length is 700 – 5,000 words.

Poetry: Submit a maximum of 3 to 5 poems. No epics, please.

Book reviews: Our reviews go beyond summarizing and assessing the book; they provide thoughtful insight into the subject matter.

Amusement: Cartoons, interesting or amusing facts, expressions, etc.

Authors Byline

Please enclose a brief bio about yourself, your interest in Cuernavaca, and a brief writing or professional history. In deference to monetary compensation for your article, we do offer an Author’s Byline with the article, and up to fifteen lines of Author Bio information at the end of your article, which may include a link to one web site of your choice (no affiliate programs, links to sales pitches, or product names allowed). Graphic artists or those individuals who submit public domain artwork get a Submission Byline as well as a link to the web site of their choice as outlined above.

Photographs and Artwork

We only accept digital files of photographs and artwork. Please do not send originals to our offices.

Submission of Articles

Send your article submissions for consideration in the body of an email. Do not send as an attachment, since we do not open them for security reasons.


You retain all copyrights to your work and are free to publish your article or artwork in other venues as long as they don’t conflict with our rights while your article remains on this site. You may request your article be removed at any time after six months of the date of publication and we will remove it within seven days of receiving your request. If you do not request removal, articles may remain in our archive section after a period as a featured article. All archived articles will remain easily accessible.


We reserve the right to edit article submissions for grammar, spelling, or make minor revisions to improve readability in the version which appears on this site. By submitting an article, you authorize this editing of your work.


By submitting an article or artwork for consideration, you grant us a non-exclusive, revocable license to electronically print your work on this site and to include a sample teaser paragraph in our newsletter. In addition, you give our readers permission to print one copy for their own personal use.

By submitting an article, you are verifying it is your work and you are the legal copyright holder of such work, and will hold us harmless of any and all copyright disputes or actions which may result because of copyright infringement issues. In the case of artwork, you are verifying it is your original work and you are the legal copyright holder of such work, unless it is from the public domain. If the art is public domain, you must tell us where you found it. You agree you will hold us harmless of any and all copyright disputes or actions which may result because of copyright infringement issues.

By submitting an article or artwork, you are indicating you have first read, understand, and agree to the terms listed on this page.

Viva Cuernavaca is not responsible for the return or loss of submissions. Surface mail submissions must be accompanied by a self-addressed envelope bearing adequate return postage. Email submissions will be acknowledged within two weeks of submission.

Feel free to contact us if you have submissions or questions by Clicking Here!