Who’s Who in Screenprinting is the leading source of up-to-date information about influential people within the screenprinting industry, worldwide. Containing continually updated biographical and autobiographical listings of people from around the globe who have had an impact on the field of screenprinting, including inventors, contributors, innovators, writers, and notable figures. It is seen as one of the world’s most recognized and respected works of reference in the screenprinting industry. There are currently 329 prominent and influential individuals listed on the site and more are continually being added.

What makes Who’s Who in Screenprinting unique is that unlike others in that we do not charge for listings and are particular as to the members listed on the site as to their influence on the industry. Each listing provides known details but can be expanded by others, including the listee or their heirs, as appropriate. The online edition of Who’s Who is built for biographical searching making it a valuable resource for anyone concerned with the history of screenprinting.

You will find numerous movers and shakers listed here. We honor qualified individuals that have distinguished themselves within the screenprinting industry through their contributions, patents, writings, as well as the technical and commercial development of the industry.

We encourage those in the industry to nominate individuals by completing the Nomination Form in the link above. Please help us honor those that have contributed to the screenprinting industry.

The listing is alphabetical, with single-page biographies with photos and contact information where available.

How are individuals chosen for inclusion?

An invitation to appear in Who’s Who in Screenprinting recognizes distinction and influence. The editor of the 1969 edition, Bill Hood, wrote in his preface that Who’s Who in Screenprinting seeks to recognize people whose “Prominence is the result of the ability which singles them out from their peers”. In essence, this continues to be the policy for selection into Who’s Who in Screenprinting today.

The majority of Who’s Who in Screenprinting biographies are included in recognition of the distinction they have attained in their professional lives, and the influence they exert on the screenprinting community, ranging from inventors, writers, educators, professors, scientists, and innovators. Notable individuals from around the world are included due to their presence and importance in the screenprinting industry, both past, and present.

The holders of some posts, such as association officeholders and holders of titles within associations, are invited to have an entry as a matter of course when the appointment itself is of general industry interest.

We have also elected to include all inductees of the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association’s (SGIA) Academy of Screen Printing Technology, those who have been awarded the prestigious Swormstedt Award, which recognizes individuals for their outstanding writing ability and exceptional industry insight, as well as those who have received the Howard Parmele Award, which is presented by the SGIA to those whose dedication and accomplishments reflect an ongoing commitment to improving the industry’s products, services, and image.

For those who do not fit into these categories, a Selection Board meets regularly during the preparation for each edition of Who’s Who in Screenprinting to discuss potential entrants. The Selection Board reviews those people whose professions are less rigidly structured, such as artists, business owners, printers, and others employed in the industry. Prominent figures in numerous fields are considered by the Board on the basis of their continuing achievements and ultimately selected due to their exceptional preeminence. Where necessary, the Selection Board consults those with specialist knowledge.

How to nominate individuals to be included

You are welcome to send us information on any individual that has contributed to the screenprinting industry in an effort to make the listing as complete as possible. If you would like to nominate yourself or a colleague for consideration by the Selection Board, please send a curriculum vitae (CV), provides an overview of the nominee’s experience and other qualifications, to nominations@whoswhoinscreenprinting.com. We encourage completeness and the inclusion of a photograph of the individual, which should be sized to a minimum of 225 pixels wide at no more than 72 dpi.

We are also interested in publishing historical information and photos. If you have access to any of these, please consider forwarding them for inclusion.

Updates or Removal from this site

We encourage updates to the site. If you have information that will update a listing, please help by sending an email using the Contact Form. If you, as an individual, are listed on this site and do not wish to be included or would like to make changes to your listing, please contact us using the Contact Form as well.

Who is responsible for Who’s Who in Screenprinting?

Who’s Who in Screenprinting was established in 1969, by Bill Hood, to honor those individuals who have contributed to the advancement of the screenprinting industry. Since 1983, the site has been a service of Solutions Journal Magazine, also founded by Bill Hood.