Beppe Quaglia

Beppe Quaglia

Beppe Quaglia is President & CEO of Quaglia srl Italy and the founder and CEO of Virus water-based inks.  He has been a consultant for many textile companies worldwide.

Beppe began his career in the screenprinting technologies when he was employed by a screenprinting shop in 1975. Within two years, Beppe founded TIMS Serigrafia. In 1980, he founded Quaglia Pubblicitá, which specialized in color separation and screenmaking.

In 1988, Beppe founded Elabora s.r.l., dedicated to the research, study and developed of new techniques of color separation and innovative printing solutions. In 1993, these entities were merged together creating what is today Quaglia srl.

In 2005, the Virus Ink brand was founded by Beppe to offer a “nonconventional printing system” to address the pressing market requests about eco-friendly inks. After two years of research, Virus launched the first range of water-based inks.

Beppe opened Virus’ first ink manufacturing plant and started its distribution chain in 2010. Today, Virus Ink can be found worldwide with users in Asia, Australia, Central America, EU, North Africa, Russia, South Africa, and the USA.

Quaglia is also a distributor of many international brands such as Coates, Wilflex, M&R, Nazdar.


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