Harold D. Wells

Harold D. Wells of St. Louis, Missouri, founded the Black Body Corporation in 1967. Wells created and patented the basic electric infrared emitter and heater that is still in a variety of applications today. The Black Body® trade name, which is still used today, was chosen because in physics the term “black body” is a theoretical model of a perfect emitter and absorber of heat. The concept of striving toward perfection appealed to Wells and still guides the company today to be the best in the world.

Without Wells, we would not have the Flash Gel Unit (Patent US3809859A) used to set plastisol inks today.

The company was purchased by Pet Incorporated in 1978 and then by the Hussmann Corporation in 1985. An investor group led by Ronald G. Vinyard purchased the business in 1987 and renamed the company BBC Industries, Inc.

BBC (Black Body Corporation) Industries, Inc. today, is a manufacturer of infrared heaters, infrared heater components, equipment, and systems. In addition to fabricating emitters, element panels, and controls as an international OEM supplier, BBC also produces and sells many trademarked pieces of equipment using infrared technology for the graphics arts, packaging, food processing, and process heat industries. Their products use the trade names Black Body®, Black Flash®, Dual Force®, Little Buddy™, Partner™, ThermaZone®, Digi-Dri™, Digi-Cure™, and Air Flash™.

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