Laura Unterbrink Maybaum

Laura Unterbrink Maybaum

Laura Unterbrink Maybaum – was first introduced to screen printing as part of her Bachelor’s degree in Visual Communications Technology at Bowling Green State University (BGSU) in Ohio. The classes and lab print projects developed a strong interest in screen printing, leading her to pursue an internship with Sefar America (formerly known as Tetko) in 1993.

Upon graduating with a BS in Visual Communications Technology specializing in Print Production Management, Maybaum continued her education with BGSU, completing a Master of Education in Training and Professional Development. On alternate semesters she taught undergraduate courses at BGSU and interned at KIWO in Houston, Texas. In 1996, Laura completed her thesis on applying objective measuring systems to evaluate mesh bridging within the screen print process.

After receiving her Master, Maybaum moved to Texas to begin a full-time career with KIWO as the Applications Lab Assistant and was promoted to Applications Lab Manager by 1999. These positions required extensive theoretical and hands-on experience with the screenprinting process and the products. Much of this knowledge was developed into training, marketing materials, and articles for trade magazines and the SGIA Journal.

Maybaum’s work was part of many of the new product developments by KIWO, including a 10-step exposure calculator, which is still considered an essential innovation to existing products. With the support of KIWO, Maybaum was one of the first to use a high-powered microscope that measured and recorded image information digitally. This allowed for an in-depth study of emulsion particle size, stencil, and image resolution. Many of the images captured during her tenure are still in use today.

Over 400 printers, distributors, manufacturers, and industry leaders were first introduced to Laura through the training she presented on pre-press processes and 4-color process printing. In addition, she was able to support the SPTF by teaching the “Screen Making: Basic to Professional” courses through 1999.

In the continued promotion of the screen printing industry, KIWO supported Maybaum’s efforts in recruiting undergraduate college students for internships; most have continued in the screenprinting industry upon graduating.

In 2002, Maybaum relocated to Atlanta, Georgia, and began working as a Technical Manager for Nazdar with a new focus on screen printing ink. Within two years, Maybaum was promoted to the Point-of-Purchase Market Segment Manager and transferred to Nazdar World Headquarters in Shawnee, Kansas.

Maybaum manages products from development through testing and sales for the national and international screen market.  She continues to give screenprinting industry presentations and publish articles, including ‘The Environmental Aspects of UV Screen Inks: Past, Present, and Future.” Recently, she has participated as a stakeholder in creating the Sustainable Green Printers Partnership.

She is a 2008 inductee into the Academy of Screen and Digital Printing Technology (ASDPT).