Nominee Considerations

Who’s Who of Screenprinting nominees are composed of leading authorities in the screenprinting technologies. Nominees are selected based on their demonstrated contributions to the advancement of the screenprinting technologies. We suggest that nominee consideration be based on the following criteria.


The evolution of the screenprinting process is best spread through education, thus we honor those who teach, present seminars, author books, publish articles, present white-papers, write columns, and offer consulting services. Within the screenprinting technologies these are often thankless endeavors and seldom pay enough to cover the time invested.


Those who give to the community in terms of charitable events, philanthropic and humanitarian resources donated to the screenprinting technologies either through time or financial contributions.


Without those who have contributed their ideas to the screenprinting industries in patents, copyrights, and freely presented trade secrets to the general improvement of the technology we would not have been able to make the advancements that have improved the life of screenprinting.


Those who have sought to gain expertise and become masters in the screenprinting technologies raise the bar for those who come after them. We honor those who share their expertise and knowledge with others to improve the field.


We give special recognition to those who are presented with awards and certification by other entities within the educational field.