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No matter how long you have been in the game or how much you think you know, there’s always more to learn. Increase your knowledge, efficiency, productivity, and margins. Learn how to run your business better, market your products, sell, design for screenprinting, choose the mesh, emulsion, and ink. Learn how to tension mesh, improved techniques for coating, achieving proper exposure control of individual stencils, faster developing of stencils, transferring the ink, properly curing ink and so much more.

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Evaluating Proper Cure for Textiles 2nd Edition

The Keys to Printing White Ink on Black Substrates

The Theory and Practice of UV Screenprinting

Troubleshooting the Printed Image

Illustrated Guide to Index Separations

The Golden Image Ratio of Image to Screen Size

Parallel and Geometric Plane Test

Parallelism and Geometric Plane

Forms That Work

Consequences of Behavior

Screenprint Shop Workflow

3 Common Mistakes Most Business Owners Make

Problem Resolution Record

Separating Process Color

50 Ways to Increase Business for Screenprinters

The Secret

Printing Halftones from Photoshop

Mastering the Fill Blade

Printing Capabilities Guide

Reducing Employee Turnover

Avoiding Pinholes

Pricing for Textile Printers

SOP For Daily Cleaning

Better Control with an Electronic Thickness Gauge

Choosing the Correct Emulsion

Achieving Plastisol Cure

Behavioral Hiring Practices

Guide to Selecting Mesh

Determining Cost of Downtime

Fallacy of Time and Temperature

Choosing the Correct Frame System

Time-Based Revenue Opportunity

Top 5 Pricing Downloads 50% Off

Pricing for Profit

Value of One Second

Shop Rate Calculator

How to Double Your Profits

Pricing Spreadsheet for Screenprinting

Employee Handbook

Build Your Own Lint Catcher

Build Your Own Exposure Unit

Basic Accounting Terms for Screenprinters

How to Attract Customers

Developing Effective SOP Procedures

Screenprinting Process Model Poster

Complete Library

Poster Print of First Patent for Stencil

How to Think for Yourself

Achieving Success

CRM: Customer Relations Management

Copyright Indemnification Form

Copyright Assignment Form

Stencil Variables Wall Chart

AATCC Standard Laundry Test

Pyramid of Problem Solving Poster

Creative Services Request

Opacity Mask Patterns

Retro Designs

How to Live on 24-Hours a Day


Resignation Certificate

Asking the Right Questions

Making the First 60 Seconds Count

Negotiating Salaries

Halftone Tonal Scale Guide

Resigning from the Ink of the Month Club

Image Distortion and Color Integrity Test Template

Behind Closed Doors

Questions for Success

Newman Square Bar Frame Instructions

Newman 4-Roller Frame Instructions

6 Ws of Delegation

Who Do You Trust?

Build Your Own Screen Racks

Becoming a World Class Operator

Becoming The Most Successful Screenprinter

Buying Your First Automatic

Descreening – Removing Halftone Patterns

Attracting Potential Clients

Guía Para La Selección de Malla

Guide to Printing on Corrugated Materials

Replacing Exposure Unit Glass

Textile Terms and Conditions

Order and Creative Chaos in Business

Vector Squeegee Art

ROI in Press Prouduction

A Brief History of Screenprinting

Safe Handling Time Test