According to your feedback form your clients seem happy enough. Of the 38 percent who fill out the form, 98 percent rate your service and value as very good or excellent. And, about 40 percent of your clients place additional orders within a year. With such feedback, is it fair to believe that you are successful? Of course, that depends on how you define success. Did you spend time with each client building rapport? Were you trying to win them over with what they perceived as low prices? If any of these were your goals, then it certainly sounds as though you are a winner in their eyes.

What if your major goal was to grow your business to be the best printer in the area? What is your goal was to produce a quality of work that was so outstanding that clients flocked to your doorstep, assuring that your profits would increase substantially. In that case, the 40 percent return rate is less than half and hardly enough to be considered successful, even if your service and value were excellent.

So often, we concern ourselves with pleasing the client – jumping through hoops to find a special substrate they require. We get tied up thinking about their deliver needs. After all, the client is king? Right? The better question would be how often do we consider what needs to happen for our business to be a success? This article discusses that and how to achieve success for the business and you!

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