Screenprinting companies are experiencing tighter budgets, longer sales cycles, and declining revenues. The annual growth is expected to grow only 1.2% in 2015. A focus on reducing costs and improving efficiencies and effectiveness throughout the organization may provide a growth path that exceed that percentage, if not survival. As a result, strategic initiatives such as benchmarking are on the rise, providing screenprinters with valuable information that will help them remain at the forefront of the screenprinting technologies.

Benchmarking provides the quantitative method by which companies measure functional improvements, operational efficiencies, and cost reduction opportunities. It serves as an objective measuring stick used by business managers to make informed business decisions, develop strategy, create initiatives, as well as improve business processes and systems. Benchmarking can also help where gaps or inefficiencies exist and provide insight for improving that process.

Finally, benchmarking is critical for developing a business case for change and providing a quantitative baseline analysis of existing processes, technology, as well as other key performance indicators while becoming the measurement against which ongoing efforts are compared. Essentially, benchmarking provides a reference point for implementing and managing change.

If you are currently not benchmarking every aspect of your screenprinting operation, you will surely not achieve more than the expected 1.2% growth this year. Is that all you want in terms of growth? I don’t think so!

This illustrated book contains the information you need to understand how to begin implementing benchmarking within the various sectors of your business from business management down to production and shipping. There is an extensive glossary to help you with a better understanding of the technical terms of benchmarking. It is not specific to any particular segment of the screenprinting technologies and can be used by anyone involved in screenprinting.

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