Top 5 Pricing Downloads – 25% Discount

With so many screenprinters having trouble maintaining margins and attempting to understand pricing, we put together our Top 5 Pricing Downloads in one package at a 25% discount. Included are …


Textiles and Clothing Along the Silk Roads

Textiles and clothing are indispensable parts of our lives, with around 1 in every 8 workers employed in the industry globally. Historically, textiles and clothing have also been vectors of …


Evaluating Proper Cure for Textiles 2nd Edition

Learn the Truth About Curing Textile Inks


The Keys to Printing White Ink on Black Substrates

This is primer for those who wish to produce images on textile products with a single print stroke, thus eliminating the print/flash/print method and increasing efficiency and productivity.


The Theory and Practice of UV Screenprinting

Welcome to the second edition of The Theory and Practice of UV Screenprinting. The original has been used as not only an introduction to ultra-violet screenprinting but also for those …


Troubleshooting the Printed Image

Welcome to the second edition of Troubleshooting the Printed Image. As the publisher, the author Tamas S. Frecska asked me to write a foreword to the new edition to explain …


Illustrated Guide to Index Separations

Forget everything that you have heard about index color! It is not difficult to separate. You do not need a 14-color press to print index color. Index color allows you …


The Golden Image Ratio of Image to Screen Size

Winner of the prestigious 2016 Swormstedt Award and 2016 Best of Class Award for excellence in technical writing presented by the Academy of Screen and Digital Printing Technologies (ASDPT) of …


Parallelism and Geometric Plane

The cure to many of the problems faced daily by screenprinters.