Parallel and Geometric Plane Test

Tool for bringing your press into parallel and geometric plane.


Forms That Work

A set of 17 forms in Microsoft Word that give you a head start on developing your production forms in the screenprinting shop. Those shops that have successfully eliminated the …


Problem Resolution Record

Use as a guide to create your own form either on paper or electronically to document problems.


Printing Capabilities Guide

Engineer every job before you go to press and know exactly what you can achieve on press.


Employee Handbook

Eliminating employee problems before they occur.


Copyright Indemnification Form

In order to protect your organization against copyright infringement, you need to take steps to protect yourself. We offer this Copyright Indemnification Contact free of charge for you to download and use.


Copyright Assignment Form

A Copyright Assignment is a document used to transfer the ownership of a copyright to another person. Copyright Assignments are most often utilized in situations where the copyright is already …


Halftone Tonal Scale Guide

During my consults, I use this Halftone Tonal Scale Guide to benchmark the screenprinting process. It consists of a black and white grayscale image with a full range of tones, and 4 scales from 0 to 100-percent. The tool is used to assist in benchmarking the following and much more.


Image Distortion and Color Integrity Test Template

It has long been understood that every screen has a printable image area, often referred to as the “sweet spot” in which the image must be placed. If the printable …