To protect your organization against copyright infringement, you need to take steps to protect yourself. We offer this Copyright Indemnification Form for you to download and use. It should be completed and signed anytime someone brings you artwork to print to assure that they take full responsibility for any copyright infringement.

Bear in mind that this form may not adequately protect you in a court of law, as it only adds a layer of protection. Ultimately, you are responsible for all that you do, even without your knowledge. If a client brings in any trademarked, registered, or copyrighted mark, illustration, or photograph and asks you to print it on any item, unless that person is legally entitled to reproduce the mark, you can be charged with counterfeiting in most locations worldwide.

No rule states that anyone can change an object of any percentage and be made legal. There are provisions in the laws for reporting and acts of satire. However, even then those may have to be proven in a court of law at grave expense to the printer. Unless you know that the person who is standing in front of you placing the order is the originator of the work you should know that they alone cannot permit you to print the item, and you will need a further release from the original owner before proceeding.

We are not attorneys, and this is not to be construed as legal advice, but only an option. If you feel you need competent legal help, or if you have any questions about the legalities of the copyright law, please see a Patent Attorney specializing in Copyright Law in your local area.

Also see: Copyright Assignment Form

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